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Saturday, August 21, 2010

[info] FT Island 2nd MINI ALBUM [Beautiful Journey] Release Date Information

FT Island 2nd MINI ALBUM [Beautiful Journey] Release Date Information

This is FNC MUSIC’s Fan Club Representative.

FT Island’s new mini album, [Beautiful Journey] is going to be released on August 26.

FT Island’s Special and Wonderful Journey!
2nd Mini Album “Beautiful Journey”
Track List
1. LoveLoveLove
2. Forever Hardened Skin..**
3. Baby Love
4. Crazy, Only You
5. The Song of Don Quixote

**translator’s note: the actual title of Track 2 (굳은 살이 박혀버려) is a Korean idiom that has no true English equivalent (so sorry for a weird translation ^^;;)

Consisting of a total of 5 songs, this new mini album, “Beautiful Journey” will show – as the title suggests – the image of these five boys’ music journey.

1. LoveLoveLove
You’ll be able to feel Lee Hong Ki’s smooth and powerful voice through FT Island’s colorful song.

2. Forever Hardened Skin..

This is a rock ballad song that reveals the pain of a hurt heart for the hardness of one who can’t forget his lover.

3. Baby Love

Combined with the fresh sound of ocean waves in the beginning and Lee Hong Ki’s sweet voice, this song shows more and more charm with its mellow acoustic guitar and repeated piano melody, harmonized with the disco rhythm of the chorus.

4. Crazy, Only You

Starting off with a piano melody, “Crazy, Only You” is a song that repetitively expresses “crazy” lyrics, a bittersweet portrayal of missing only you and waiting for only you.

5. The Song of Don Quixote

Out of all the Korean albums, this is the first song that member Choi Jong Hoon has participated in composing and thus has reason to receive special attention. A fresh guitar melody harmonized with Lee Hong Ki’s powerful voice, this song sings of the freedom and passion of Don Quixote life of hope.

Like the way you gain a different mindset and expand your horizons after a journey, so will this album allow you to experience the deep thoughts of FT Island’s growing maturity in music.

[Release Date Schedule Information]
Aug. 23 – Title song’s teaser revealed
Aug. 25 – Full song revealed
Aug. 26 – Album release
(The release date of the music video will be announced later.)

With as much as you have all waited, especially for all these great songs, as all you Primadonnas will be able to hear great music, we ask for your anticipation and care for next week’s release of FT Island’s new mini album [Beautiful Journey].

The teaser, song, and music video’s release will be expected later, but please note that the title song and the teaser will be revealed together.

We hope for all Primadonnas’ care and support.
Thank you.

Source: FNC Music
Translation: hyunjung61293 @ Silh0uette

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