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Friday, August 20, 2010

Leeteuk’s “airport fashion” lesson “dress up in a way that does not seem deliberate"

Leeteuk’s “airport fashion” lesson “dress up in a way that does not seem deliberate*

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk disclosed his eye-catching know-how on “airport fashion”.

On SBS “Strong Heart” broadcast on 17th, on the topic of “airport fashion” that was brought up Leeteuk said “when we go to the airport, fans will bring those “cannon**” cameras with very good image quality to wait for us”.

To capture fans’ attention, Leeteuk who is already worrying about what to wear from the day before said “sunglasses are a must, but you can’t give people a “deliberate*” feel”, once again emphasizing that you must give a not-so-deliberate*, natural feel.

After learning from Hollywood stars who have nice poses for these cameras, he said (normally) “you’ll walk a bit then stop once or even if there’s no phone call you’ll pretend to answer the phone”.

If you just hold your passport and walk it isn't very stylish, so normally you’ll put the passport near your clothes, (giving the guests) a lesson on “airport fashion”.

Besides that, Leeteuk revealed the reason why member Eunhyuk seems the least stylish at the airport. Leeteuk mentioned “every time Eunhyuk goes to the airport he will wear sunglasses”, “bringing along the expensive luggage bag that the fans gave as a present and walk around”, bringing about a roar of laughter.

* the direct translation for the phrase used is along the lines of "wearing it in a way that does not seem like you purposely chose to wear it". basically, making it seem casual when you actually deliberately dressed up.
** those big professional cameras that reporters use. you can see it in the screencap here.

source: tvreport
translated from korean to chinese: 特吧 – 小蕾
translated from chinese to english: exultation @ SJ-WORLD.NET
thanks to Kim for the heads up!
may take out with full credits

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