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Friday, August 20, 2010

Han Geng went to Taiwan to promote his album, revealed that he had once wanted to commit suicide!

prom15e to 13elieve
10ve the current members
prot3ct the missing ones
슈퍼주니어~ 오에요

Becoming a solo artiste after leaving Super Junior (SJ), Chinese member, Han Geng arrived in Taiwan yesterday to promote his new album, , and also did a recording for . Han Geng revealed in the show that, then, he wanted to terminate his contract with SM Company is because of the tremendous stress and unhappiness he experienced, he even had the idea to commit suicide once.

He admitted that he had read about many Korean artistes going on to this ‘no-turning-back’ route, and he had a feeling: “When I am in SJ, I am frustrated every day. I always kept my door lock, watched movies and goes on the internet on my bed. This can go on for one day or even two days”, even more because that he doesn’t know how to express himself, so he didn’t know how to talk about it with his friends.

Han Geng also said that: “Once, I saw an article about a Korean artiste committing suicide, it said that this artiste is frustrated every day, he felt that he’s just like that artiste and is worried that he will follow the steps of the artiste.”

Han Geng debuted in 2005 with Super Junior, but because of the Korean laws, he only could appear in 3 television channels. In 2007, he was even forced to wear a mask to perform on the stage, he revealed that: “Before the performance, I was informed that I couldn’t perform on stage, but the routine of a 13 members group and the singing parts cannot be changed!”

Went to Korea for training when he was 19 years old, was he bullied in that period of time?
He paused for a while, thinking and with reservations, he said: “There is different treatment, the company may not have realized, but I always take note of the minor details, it made me uncomfortable sometimes.”

Suppressed Character

Han Geng expressed that, he suppresses himself a lot, when he is still a member of SJ; he keeps a lot of things to himself. The entertainment industry in Korea is developed already, there is always a system to everything, and thus he couldn’t do what he wanted to do, causing the explosion now. “Everyone has a different desire… but I feel that ‘to be happy’ is more important.”

He became a solo artiste shortly after, but in his heart, he is very concerned about the expectations of his family, and he is worried that he is not up to their expectations. Yesterday, he saw a letter from Beijing written by his father. In the letter, it was all encouragements and support. He wanted to hold back his tears but in the end, he still couldn’t control his emotions and cried.

Han Geng’s father wrote a letter from Beijing

He generously admitted that he had been in two relationships, in 2002, he was in a 4 years relationship, but because he was too busy that time, and wasn’t at home all the time, and the other party wanted a stable life.

Han Geng, who has not been in a relationship for 4 years, said that, “Now that I have a new album, concert, and I still have a movie to work on, I want to stabilize my career first before I talk about relationships.”

Han Geng hopes that his girlfriend will be someone outside the industry, so he could be in a simple and pure relationship.

Source: XinMSN Entertainment Section
Translated by: huiwensg @ geng-bao.net
(Take out with full credits)

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