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Friday, October 8, 2010

Han Geng is “really shy” when it comes to love

Han Geng is “really shy” when it comes to love

Appearing for the first time since he flew solo from Korean boyband Super Junior, China-born Han Geng is all coy when it comes to relationships

Since his departure from Korean pop group Super Junior, Han Geng is all ready to fly solo with his first appearance in Singapore last Friday. He officially left SuJu to break into the Mandopop industry as a "newcomer" and was in to town promote his first album My Logo launched in July.

During his meet-and-greet session with local fans in Singapore, Han Geng was in high spirits during the press conference as he talked about shopping and eating local food upon touching down on Thursday.

He also gleefully mentioned that the shirt he was wearing was bought on that day itself.

When asked about love during an exclusive interview with xinmsn, Han Geng revealed his shy nature and bashfully revealed that he is a "passive and unromantic person".

"I'm really shy!

"I'm more of an introvert and am not very good with words," he quipped.

How would he chase a girl then?

The adroit dancer replied, "Maybe I would send her messages and maybe ask her out for a dinner date. I am really shy!"

Known for his filial piety, Han Geng opened two dumpling shops to fulfill his mother's lifelong dream.

So has he thought about starting a family to comply with his parents' wish?

"There isn't even a girl who wants to be with me! Besides, who would want a boyfriend who has no time for her?" he said with a smile.

With response to SuJu leader Lee Tuek's wish to have all 13 of them perform together again before he enters army, Han expressed that he would definitely love for that to happen if the management and the law permits.

Due to the impending lawsuit with his Korean management company, hopes of Super Junior re-uniting will probably not take place in the near future.

As to why he left his management, 26-year-old Han said he simply wanted a happy environment to work in.

His arrival to Singapore saw over 500 fans, many of whom bearing flowers and gifts.

For someone who is so grounded and grew up through tough times, Han expressed his appreciation to fans but discouraged the gifts. "If everyone took out ten dollars, this money can be pooled for a charity and help others in need instead."

Source : http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/en/celebr...7852&page=0

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