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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Super Junior Kyuhyun, during a trip to Italy, "How far that have you been in Italy?"

Super Junior Kyuhyun during the trip to Italy, about a week for recharging time.

Super Junior Kyuhyun unveiled photos from his travel to Italy.

Kyuhyun through his Twitter that day ‘Travelling alone is nice but it’s hard when there’s no one to take a photo of me~ How far that have you been in Italy?’ along with the text also pictures were posted. Italy’s railway station and also the beautiful building as the background, and Kyuhyun looks so bright as exciting as a kid who has released from his bunch of schoolwork, and facing the great vacation. Without a special companion from managers, like the ‘backpack (alone)’ traveler, then he continued his writings ‘The difficult journey has finished, bought a bottle of wine which is only € 7.50 (or $9.63 USD). Any more pleasing than this?’.

Fans commented ‘Kyuhyun’s face looks so cute and happy’ while ‘The trip, and I want him to be careful like that’.

Meanwhile, ‘Super Junior’ 4th Album activities this year including The Third Asia Tour “Super Show 3”, SMTOWN LIVE ‘10 WORLD TOUR, the concerts, drama and musicals, broadcasting/filming, etc. Have been busy for those activities, take a second vacation on this October, about a week for recharging time is already planned.

Pictures from: Kyuhyun’s TwitPic
Translated by: @A880203 (A880203.tumblr.com)

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