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Friday, October 8, 2010

Hangeng’s fans wait for 18 hours to get his signature. Cried and beat up security guards when they didn’t get it.

Hangeng held his first fan meeting in Singapore, and local fans queued throughout the night for 18 hours. Singapore’s reported that those fans who didn’t managed to get his signature, cried on the spot, and some even beat up the security personnel there.

According to the report, the ex-Super Junior member, Hangeng, is in Singapore for his first fan-sign. Arriving in Singapore on Thursday, he had spent the first 2 days doing media interviews, and even after the fan-sign, he still needed to rehearse for his showcase, and thus only had 1 hour, leaving almost 200 fans disappointed.

The fan-sign was to begin at 4pm, but workers from Lot One Shoppers’ Mall told us that some of the fans, in order to see Hangeng, begin queuing up as early as 10pm the previous night, making their waiting time almost 18 hours. In order to maintain order in the area, they even had additional 2 security guards to ‘protect the venue’, and also to get fans to queue outside the shopping mall. There were also fans from Hong Kong and China among the crowd, and they have come prepared in the early morning the next day, getting the best places, leading to quarrels between the Singapore and China fans.

Hangeng didn’t let his 2000 international fans wait for long. Arriving at the venue at 4:10pm, his appearance on stage made cheers for him increase four folds, and the fans also sang , making Hangeng really touched on stage.

The organizers allowed fans to go on stage for the fan-sign at around 4:20pm, and only those that have either the tickets for the showcase tomorrow or the album can go on stage. However, because of the limited period of time, Hangeng could only sign as many albums as he can in 50 minutes, leaving about 200 fans disappointed. Some of the female fans were so upset, they cried at the venue, and refusing to leave. They also took their anger out on the security guards, hitting some of the security guards on the heads.

Hitting on the popularity

According to some of the staff members who have worked with Hangeng in the past few days, they said that Hangeng is really humble, very accommodating, and gets along very well with them. Even after the fan-sign yesterday (2nd October), he chose use the normal route out instead of the VIP route, shaking hands with almost all the fans, and having a smile that never left his face.

During the fan-sign, there was this 3-4 years old kid who accompanied his mother up the stage. Although fans were not supposed to take pictures when they are on stage, Hangeng made an exception for the kid. Another fan also took her 2-3 years old kid up, and the kid offered Hangeng his fries, in which Hangeng took a bite of it and even gave the kid a kiss on his cheek, much to the envy of all his fans!

The fan-sign finished at around 5:15pm, and something about the Singapore fans are that they really have the initiative. When the fan-sign was over, they threw away their own rubbish, leaving the place all cleaned up.

SJ to perform as a 13 member group?
Hangeng: If I am allowed to go back to Korea

Hangeng, who had his first press conference in Singapore, talked to reporters about being a member of SJ in Korea, and also how, in the Korean Entertainment Industry, the producers will not tell them anything. During the filming, the hosts will come up with all kinds of tactics, and since they do not know this before hand, it was entirely up to them to find a way out of it.

Although the first steps of debut was tough, Hangeng expressed that all the experiences were what made him where he is now, and it is definitely a valuable lesson for him.

SJ’s leader Eeteuk also recently stated that he want to see all of SJ 13 members on stage again, and Hangeng said he would be happy too, but, “only if the Korean side allows me to come back.”

Source: Hainan News
Shared by: yeyebaby@sj-world.net
Translated by: ミ mholic ★@sj-world.net

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