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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Super Junior Misses Hankyung

Super Junior members have started to talk about former member Hankyung, who is currently in a dispute with SM Entertainment over exclusive contracts.

On September 23rd, Super Junior was on the Chuseok Special episode of MBC’s “Radio Star – Super Show”. On the show, they talked about their current relationship with Hankyung. They shared, “We still can’t get in touch with Hankyung. We were all so close, but none of us have been able to get in touch with him.”

“We saw articles in which [Hankyung] said life in Korea was hard and that the members didn’t take care of him,” they said. “It hurt when we heard that.”

Lee Teuk, in particular, revealed how upset he was. He said, “If [Hankyung] was having trouble with [any kind of] a problem, it would have been good if he came to discuss it with us first, but we had no idea. None of us had any idea that he would come out like that.” He added, “Hankyung’s place is empty right now. A dream that I have is to perform on stage with all thirteen members before I have to do my military service. I still miss Hankyung.”

The members also talked about Kangin, who is currently doing his military service after being publicly criticized for incidents of assault and drunk driving. They said, “When Kangin first got caught up in the assault incident, we all agreed that we had to defend and protect him. Kangin was reflective and showed that he was sorry, but when the drunk driving incident happened a month later, we honestly felt a bit betrayed.”

It seems like Super Junior really cares for and misses their absent members. Do you think that Lee Teuk’s dream can come true?

Source: My Daily News via daum

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