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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heechul says farewell to fans and officially departs for the military to fulfill his 2 year services


 Fans across the world has assembled at the residential military camp in Chongnam, Noksan on September 1st at 11AM KST to wish Heechul farewell as he officially enters the military to fulfill his 2 year mandatory services to his country.
It was reported that over 400 fans from Taiwan, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, China, Japan, in addition to Korean fans, and more have bid him a farwell, with some fans bursting into tears at the scene.
Fans created many banners wishing Heechul the best of luck with some saying, “Heechul, I love you” and “I’m looking forward to your return.” ELFs everywhere across the world are also waiting for news on his leave and are also expressing their sadness at Heechul’s military leave. One fan on an international website said, “Return safely and healthy from the military in two years and we’ll see you when you’re done.”
Other fans have said, “Your haircut looks nice. I still can’t believe you’ll be gone,” and “Have good health and take care of yourself.”
Heechul will enter the residential army camp where he will stay for 4 weeks to undergo basic military training. He will then proceed to serve as a public service personnel for 23 months. Heechul will serve as a public service personnel due to the iron rods he acquired in his leg after his car accident in 2006 that required him to have a major surgery done.
Prior to his enlistment, Heechul has been tweeting to his fans photos and thank yous for their endless support. A special duet single featuring Kim Janghoon and Heechul is set to be released sometimes in September as a last special gift to fans from Heechul.
ELF can now look forward to welcoming Super Junior’s Kangin next year as he returns from the military, but will also have to prepare themselves to say goodbye to Super Junior’s Leeteuk as he will soon enlist as well. A date has not been released on when Leeteuk will enlist.
Source: Star News (1), Star Today, and Hankyung | koreaboo
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