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Saturday, March 20, 2010

![NEWS] Jaebum's six pack is the best... Fans vote him #1 in 'Highcut'!

'Can't forget Jaebum's six pack even if we die!' 2PM fans expressed their longing for 'mom-jjang' Jaebum. For their one year anniversary star-style magazine, Highcut (www.highcut.co.kr) surveyed 4471 people in an online poll from the 8th-15th with the question 'Who is Highcut's star with the best six pack?' 2PM's ex-leader, Jaebum received first place with 54.3% (2429 people) of the votes. In July 2009, during 2PM's Again&Again days, Jaebum was the only member to show off his abs in their pictorial. Jaebum's fans showed their dedication by spreading the word to vote through various fan cafes and other sites.

Super Junior's Siwon, who will appear in SBS drama 'Oh! My Lady' (set to air on the 31st) received second place with 30.9% (1380 people) of the votes. After reading the phrase "chocolate abs" on the first page of the script, Siwon went on a diet, cutting off even water, to lose 8kg in one week. MBLAQ's Lee Joon's "art abs" got him third place (10.1%, 451 people). After appearing in "Ninja Assassin", Lee Joon has been working out with an exercise called "cross feet". "Chuno"'s Jang Hyuk, who has been called 'the beast in his 30s', placed fourth with 4.7% (211 people) of the votes.


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