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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boys Before Flowers/Korean Hanadan quotes

“Just because you’re gone doesn’t mean chaos will erupt in South Korea”-Goo Jun Pyo

Episode 2:
“The moment I see your face, it feels like bugs are crawling all over my body” – Jandi
Episode 4:
“Since I was with you for one whole night, tell them that I’d take responsibility of you.” – Junpyo
Episode 5:
“How can a tiny and skinny person have such a loud voice? Did you eat a train’s heart?” – Jun Pyo
Episode 6:
Episode 7:
“The type of guy I hate the most?” – Junhee
“A disgraceful guy, A stingy guy, A guy that can’t let go of the past.” – Junpyo
“A guy that brags about himself? – Junhee
“A disgraceful guy.” – Junpyo
“A guy that never forgives his friends? – Junhee
“A stingy guy.” – Junpyo
“A guy that can’t accept his defeat? – Junhee
“A guy that can’t let go of the past.” – Junpyo
“Okay, then.” – Junhee
“If you were the friend who remembered that we watched this 11 times, then it wouldn’t have gone this far.” – Junpyo
Episode 8:
“Just once…tell me that you like me. Then all of this will be over.” – Jun Pyo
“If everything can be settled by the word sorry, why would then law and police exist?” – Ji-Hoo

Episode 9:
Goo Jun Pyo: “What are you, the little match girl? why are you without your gloves?”
Jandi: “I have gloves!”

“There’s no such thing as Jun Pyo’s world or Jandi’s world. Just like you and I are of the same world.” -Ji Hoo
“I liked him better when he was messing up proverbs.” – Yijung

“I’m so busy that I don’t even rememeber that you didn’t call me for 3 days and13 hours!” -Goo Jun Pyo
“You.. you get touched by such trivial things!” – Goo Jun Pyo

Episode 11:
“Does she have an ancestor who died on a date?” – Jun Pyo
Episode 12:
“What’s this?” – Jandi
“Can’t you tell? It’s a necklace.” – Junpyo
“Hey, this won’t do. I know you have weird taste, but this is a girl’s!” – Jandi
“You dummy. It’s yours.” – Junpyo
“What?” – Jandi
“I said it’s yours. There’s only one in the world, so if you lose this one, I’ll really kill you.” – Junpyo
“You do this every time. Whenever I try to get closer, you trample my heart like it’s nothing. Do I still mean so little to you?” – Jun Pyo
“I came to find your heart. I didn’t lose it on purpose.” – Jandi
Jandi : “It’s strange. “
Ji-hoo : “What’s strange?”
Jandi : “Whenever the emergency bell rings in my heart, you always appear. “
Ji-hoo : “Then let me be.”
Jandi : “What?”
Ji-hoo : “Let me be Geum Jan Di’s honourable firefighter.”

Episode 20
“Just let me stay like this for five minutes…then I’ll get up” – Junpyo

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