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Friday, December 18, 2009

Korean Dramas For Noobies

If you are new to korean drama and wonder what's all the fuss that all your friends are watching and you're the only who's not? Look no further! I've got some recommendations for you!
Let's start by getting you up to date with the latest buzz.
This year's hottest korean drama is Boys before flowers (also known as Boys Over Flowers).  This korean drama originates from the famous Japanese Manga called "Hana Yori Dango."  The first tv drama about this manga was called "Meteor Garden" that aired in Taiwan in 2001.  Then later, a japanese remake was called "Hana Yori Dango" in 2005.  Now the "Boys Over Flowers" korean drama in 2009 is a top sensation all around the globe.  Basically, it's a story about four boys who are known as the "F4" and their friendship with a tough, courageous girl.  Once you start this drama, you can't stop! Haha, you'll end up like me and become an addict....
Other dramas that are widely famous world wide are Full House,my girl.sassy girl , The Palace (also known as Princess Hours, Goong),  and many more..
To sum it all up ... korean dramas all have these basic concepts.
  1. Love interest (usually it's a love triangle)
  2. Some sort of controversy (cancer, amnesia, death, revenge, or deep hidden secrets)
  3. They travel or go on vacation to another foreign country (such as Italy, France, USA, China, Thailand, etc ...)
  4. The characters have jobs, but you rarely see them actually work.  LOL.
  5. There is usually always a toilet scene in each drama. I kid you not.  haha.
  6. They wake up beautiful. LOL hahaha seriously.
  7. Everyone is money hungry.
  8. Food. I am hungry because I see such great food in each drama. 
  9. The poor girl always seems to have great luck somehow hooking up with the cute, rich, sexy, hot, young CEO who drive expensive cars.
  10. Crying. Yes, there's lots of crying, pouting, nagging, overly exaggerated emotions.  That's what makes them so great! hahaha

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