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Monday, December 21, 2009

Brilliant Legacy – Introduction


Drama: Brilliant Legacy (English title confirmed by SBS for 찬란한 유산); formerly known as Life is Beautiful (인생은 아름다워)
Broadcast Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays at 10pm on SBS; begins April 25, 2009
Episodes: 26 28
Director: Jin Hyuk
Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung
  • Han Hyo Joo – Ko Eun Sung (24) *
  • Lee Seung Gi – Sunwoo Hwan (27)
  • Moon Chae Won – Yoo Seung Mi (24)
  • Bae Soo Bin – Park Joon Se (29)
  • Kim Mi Sook – Baek Sung Hee
  • Han Ye Won – Sunwoo Jung
  • Ban Hyo Jung – Chang Sook Ja
  • Yoo Ji In – Oh Young Ran
* Ages in brackets are the CHARACTERS’ ages, not the actors’ ages. The first three actors are playing older than they actually are in real life; Bae Soo Bin is playing a few years younger.
character relationship web (SBS website)
character relationship web
The drama will show the love, growth, and success of four interconnected adults in their twenties.
Ko Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) is a prospective chef. She faces difficulties when her father passes away**, her stepmother (Kim Mi Sook) takes all of the family assets, and her younger sibling disappears all at once. By a fortuitous opportunity, Eun Sung enters a Jinsung Foods, a food products company, and becomes successor to the founding grandmother’s fortune.
The company founder’s grandson is Sunwoo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi), who falls for Eun Sung. However, her stepsister, Seung Mi (Moon Chae Won) is in love with Hwan.
Jung is Hwan’s imprudent younger sister, who prefers shopping to work. She is carelessly enjoying her frivolous life, while presuming herself to be engaged to Park Joon Se (Bae Soo Bin), the light-hearted and self-confident owner of a fusion restaurant. However, Jung has to begin putting up a fight for Joon Se’s attention when Eun Sung enters the picture.
Although Eun Sung faces many trials and complications, she overcomes them to succeed in the end.
**KP’s note: I’m watching the first episode right now, and it appears that there’s a big twist on her father’s “death”

[Album] Various Artists - Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy OST

Date Released: 09/06/19
Language: Korean
Download>>>Mediafire, 4shared


01 . 너 하나만 - 강하니
02 . 내 가슴에 사는 사람 - 이수(엠씨더맥스)
03 . 사랑에 미쳐서 - 지선(러브홀릭)
04 . 사랑은 벌이다 - 케이윌(K.Will)
05 . Spring Rain - 지혜
06 . 그리운 누나
07 . 환이를 잡아라
08 . 우리가 가족이니?
09 . Funny Life
10 . 너에게 가는 길
11 . Smile Working
12 . 마지막 거짓말
13 . 티격태격
14 . 이별의 기억
15 . Spring Rain (Guitar VER.)
16 . 운명, 그 두 번째 이야기

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