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Friday, April 30, 2010

!Lee Junki incurs huge losses after dropping jobs for army

JG Company expressed on the 29th, “We had received the enlistment notice on the 12th of this month but we had to apply for a deferment because of his movie and drama filming and ambassador role for the Expo 2010 Shanghai. But our application was rejected on the 28th and they requested Lee Junki to turn up for enlistment on May 3rd.”
They continued, “Lee Junki already said before that national service was something that every Korean male should go through and so he will go of course.
It’s just that he wanted to keep his promise with fans to finish his filming duties, so he submitted a deferment application. He is really sorry that he isn’t able to complete his jobs and especially apologetic to those who are affected by this. I also want to say sorry to fans for not keeping my promise.”
They added, “We respect the decision and we hope that they can find someone suitable to take over Junki’s role in Grand Prix and Faith.”
Having dropped out of Grand Prix which was in the midst of filming, Lee Junki will be returning all appearance fees that were given earlier. Although Junki had defaulted on the contract, this was something that was out of his control, but he will take responsibility and compensate the production for delaying the schedule.
After enlisting on May 3rd, Lee Junki will begin his 5 weeks of basic military training before starting his two year term as an active solider.
He will return as a civilian in 2012.

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