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Friday, April 30, 2010

![news] Lee Hongki ” I really think that I have matured a lot in Japan” May Issue

Stepping into the diverse entertainment circle at a very young age, Hongki has an even experience side to him than most people of the same age. Whether acting or singing, he is filled with confidence, never questioning his own strength. Hongki who is recently completely putting himself into Japan activities, is awaiting to be loved even more.

Q: The opportunity to enter the entertainment circle?

Hongki: My mum’s younger brother is a fashion model, curiosity urged me to follow my uncle along to a few fashion shows. At that time the staff asked me: “Do you want to try standing on the stage for the first time? Do you want to try performing anything?”. I myself was very interested, my uncle and dad also did not oppose. After asking my mum, I went to a performing arts school for around five months. Afterwards me and my uncle both shot and wrote our own photoshoot, going back to the agency, slowly beginning to get work. During elementary school, I acted in many children dramas as a supporting role, continuing acting work with no rest. At that time I really liked singing. When going to karaokes with friends, they would often say: “Your singing is really good”, so I started to become more and more confident. At that time, my current agency asked me: “Do you want to have an audition?”, so it’s been like that up until this day.

Q: FTIsland are expanding in Japan temporarily. During the days in Japan, what have you learnt?

Hongki: Although there are less activities than in Korea, however after taking into account the extension of music, we decided to go there to study. I increased by two on the music scale. I really think that I have matured a lot in Japan. My throat is extremely weak, my vocal cords are smaller than ordinary people. I have been informed by a doctor before: “These vocal cords are not meant for singing.” However after they heard my singing, they thought it was extremely inconceivable. Before even if only I would sing a little, my voice would become hoarse, so I felt ashamed of myself. However, now in Japan we have many lives, from small live houses slowly expanding on a larger scale, giving rise to my own singing techniques. I feel that I have accumulated experience, my vocal cords are gradually becoming stronger. Thanks to this good fortune, I am now able to complete two performance stages in a day for two days continuously.

Q: The most interesting part to band activities is?

Hongki: Freedom. The limits dance teams have to determine beforehand are too many, but bands do not need to determine anything beforehand. When communicating with other companions, (one) can fully express their own feelings. Certainly, performing like that is extremely hard. I really dislike performances with rules.

Q: Lee Hong Ki’s fashion is very individual, how is the style you like?

Hongki: My general clothing style has many changes. When going to nearby places I will wear very casual and relaxing clothing; when I need to dress up, my fashion style is quite varied. I extremely like Japanese fashion. Shinjuku and Harajuku have very many fashion stores. Clothing is chosen to suit my mood of that day. Therefore, surrounding people only have to see my clothing to understand my mood. When my manager sees me wearing black clothing, he will worriedly say: “Hongki, what happened?”

Q: Hongki is fanatic of which brand?

Hongki: Recently, 90% of gifts received from fans are skull peripherals products. Until now the skull design trousers all are gifts from Japan fans, from clothing to accessories are all from this brand. The interior of my room is decorated in fundamentally black and white colours to match the skulls. Only the wash-room is dark brown, my bed is black, the everything else is white or black, it is like this… because this was how it was set up, so there is no way to change it, so until now I am still troubled.

Q: Ways to relieve stress?

Hongki: Sometimes I will go and drink with friends. In fact yesterday I was with Keun Suk hyung together at the same time drinking while recollecting things that happened while we were filming a drama.

Q: Goal for 2010 is?

Hope my own songs will be composed by me, now I am trying hard learning to compose.

Q: Ideal dream is?

Hongki: Become the top. Both music and acting I will try hard until people would say things such as “Lee Hong Ki is really amazing, he is someone who is worth us learning from”.

Q: In the future what type of character to you want to try acting?

Hongki: A villain. I hope I can act this role, the character can be bad to any extent.

Q: If “You’re Beautiful” makes a second season, will you still star in it?

Hongki: Of course I will. At that time what colour hair should my hair be dyed? (Heard the staff say white or red colour) Ah, but this really is difficult and straining.

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