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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

“Kyuhyun as d'Artagnan? Perfect casting.”

“ The Three Musketeers ”

December 15, 2010 / 8 PM / Chungmu Art Hall ㅡ First performance of the musical (with Uhm Kijoon as d'Artagnan)
December 16, 2010 / 3 PM / Chungmu Art Hall ㅡ Press Call: performance of the highlights of the musical (with Kyuhyun as d'Artagnan)

Kyuhyun has four shows this week: December 21 (8 PM ㅡ Musical Debut), December 22 (4 PM, 8 PM), December 23 (8 PM)

During the Press Call, amidst the highlight-scenes performed onstage were:
Act 1, Scene 3 ‘Paris' Square’
Act 1, Scene 7 ‘The Inn’
Act 1, Scene 8 ‘We Are One’
Act 2, Scene 4 ‘Pirate King Porthos’
Act 2, Scene 6 ‘Escape - Angel In My Heart’

Character → Actor
D'Artagnan → Cho Kyuhyun
Athos → Seo Bumsuk
Aramis → Min Youngki · Choi Soohyung
Porthos → Kim Buprae · Kim Jinsoo
Constance → Kim Ahsun
Jussac → Kim Sanghyun

“Kyuhyun as d'Artagnan? Perfect casting.”

During the group interview after the performance for the open Press Call, the atmosphere between the members of the musical is the same as the one of a real family. On that day, Super Junior Kyuhyun expressed his impressions on his first musical challenge and confessed, “Today's Press Call show somehow looks like my first stage experience. Since this is my first performance in front of so many reporters, I am overwhelmed by the tension I feel.” He then added “I'm working hard, and it's such a honour for me to have been chosen to star in a masterpiece. I'm still lacking in skills, but I am prepared to do my best. I practiced focusing on working with my seniors and keeping up with them.”

Kyuhyun said “Four members in Super Junior have already had this challenging experience, and as I was always wondering and worrying so much about why I wasn't being offered a role, I was finally met with this masterpiece. I kept wondering ‘When will it be me’, but thankfully this great opportunity was given to me.” He also honestly confessed ‘Why is that so?’, and drew laughter. He then calmly stated “At first I thought that I hadn't caught anybody's attention while doing activities as an idol singer because I never played a big role.”

When asked who he would like to invite to his performance, Kyuhyun showed affection for his members saying “I'd like to invite all of the Super Junior members but everybody is so busy with their own individual schedule that I don't know if it's possible,” and “Although it will be hard, I will make of inviting all the members my goal.”

The musical cast a number of four people for the role of d'Artagnan, amidst them is Kyuhyun, who said “Each and every one of us four has a very distinct personality," and “I gave my ‘d'Artagnan’ character a different kind of foolish and naive image. The other actors found it amusing.” Kyuhyun also revealed a deep affection for the role he plays, “If I were given the chance to pick which character to portray in the musical again, I would still choose d'Artagnan.”

For Kyuhyun acting as the ‘country bumpkin’ on stage will be a new challenging experience; he clarified, “However clumsy I was, I was actually anxious about how I was supposed to impersonate a bumpkin from the countryside.”

D'Artagnan is a young man coming from the countryside of the Gascogne in France, who goes to Paris to become a musketeer. In one of the scenes, d'Artagnan, mesmerized by the beautiful streets of Paris, gets pickpocketed, and while trying to catch the person who stole his belongings, he comes across the three musketeers and has to confront them one by one. (TN. ‘Paris' Square’)

But then Kyuhyun confidently talked about his character, “D'Artagnan always gets called ‘country bumpkin’, but he won't succomb to those who wrong him, he will fight for justice. You will eventually realize that d'Artagnan is a charmingly amazing character, his dim-witted and naive image is very fun to observe. He also offers his name to all the characters he encouters saying ‘I'm d'Artagnan!’”

In addition to a big smile on his face, completed by the image of an awkward person with a naive and pure heart, the senior actors said that Kyuhyun will not need to make any effort to immerse himself in the character of d'Artagnan the country bumpkin, “He already talks like one.” By revealing this playful anecdote, you can easily guess the level of intimacy and strong camaraderie that has developed between the actors of the musical .

Kyuhyun also added “The very first time I had practice, I showed a rather awkward and clumsy image, so the seniors laughed and told me ‘Your d'Artagnan synchro rate is 100%!1 You're a country bumpkin already!’

When questioned about practice, Kyuhyun answered “I haven't had my first stage yet. Earlier, after we had a public rehearsal, the seniors gave me a lot of advice, so my acting has improved a little.” At the open rehearsal on November 29, Kyuhyun had brought on a burst of laughter when he said, “They scolded me and made remarks on what I got wrong, especially senior Kim Buprae pointed out to not to mess up. I was told that I was unable to control my feet and legs and keep them steady, and that it was awkward.”

Having scolded Kyuhyun before, Kim Buprae explained the situation making everybody laugh, “Super Junior, you're scary. Kyuhyun has never experienced acting in a musical before, so at the beginning of his training period for this musical, he couldn't stand still with his body, he kept messing up by moving around back and forth. We had a talk about it.”

So during the interview for the Press Call, Kyuhyun said, “But don't misunderstand, senior Kim Buprae simply just gave me suggestions. Everybody helped me a lot.” As for what concerns the rumours about Super Junior fans later targeting Kim Buprae with their attacks, he added, “At that time I was just jokingly teasing my seniors, but it seems that the fans misunderstood.”

Kyuhyun also expressed his gratitude towards a senior in particular, “I have often watched Kim Mooyeol hyung rehearse, so he showed me a lot of things. He also observed me and gave me advice until the end.” He then added, “There aren't spoken lines for the acting in the performance, and even the singing isn't singing, it's dialogue. The seniors told me ‘It's not singing. Make the melody stick to the words.’”

In this musical, Kyuhyun (d'Artagnan) has to act out a kiss scene with Dana (Constance). On that day, since Dana could not be present due to her busy schedule, the role of Constance was filled in by Kim Ahsun (double casting). The scene has d'Artagnan and Constance share a kiss in a display of their love. Since the beginning there has been a lot of interest in Kyuhyun's kiss scene due to the many commanding fans.

Kyuhyun explained “The director was worried about the backlash of a kiss scene, so I'm the only one who has to change the performance and cover this up with a hat,” and with a wry smile he added, “So I think there won't be a storm of backlash from the fans.” In fact, that day before Kyuhyun and Kim Ahsun could act out a sweet kiss, the hat was furtively raised to cover up their mouths, leaving a lingering feeling of regret.

At the press conference. Min Youngki said, “When it comes to singing, Kyuhyun is my senior, and I think it's a honour to stand on the same stage with such an amazing senior. But on the musical's stage, I'm his senior for a while. We will work hard together.” Min Youngki recently released a ballad album, and when he bowed to Kyuhyun saying “Please take good care of me, senior!”, the latter smiled.

1 The factor that determines whether or not an operator is able to Cross Fuse is known as the Synchro Rating (click)

Translated by. Gaia at SJ-WORLD.NET
Original Source. Newsen, Newsis, TVDaily, frontiertimes, star.mk.co.kr, newscj, mystar, donga, eto, asiae.
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