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Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to Be a Great Best Friend

Want to be a great best friend but don't know how or where to start? Fallen out with your best mate and want to prove how nice you can be if they'll forgive you? Or did you just make a new best friend and want to get off to a good start? Whatever the reason, this article will help you become a great best friend.


  1. Be loyal. Always stick up for your friend and trust them, no matter what. No matter how tempted you may feel to join another side or leave them by themselves, make sure you always come through for them and show them that you'll always be loyal for them. If your best friend knows that, you're off to a good start.
  2. Look out for him/her If her/his best friend or friend falls down, then try and cheer her up in anyway that you think would help.
  3. Listen. Nobody likes a best friend who just talks and talks, but never listens. If you're a chatterbox, it's okay if you're also a good listener. Whenever your best friend says something, listen carefully and say something. Don't just say "yeah" and move on. Don't interrupt or fidget continually while they're talking to you. If they ask for advice, listen carefully and give them the best advice you can. It'll earn you respect and of course, make them come to you more.
  4. Be trustworthy. If they tell you a secret, keep it. Don't even leak it out to someone you know you can trust. A secret is a secret. Don't gossip about your best friend, don't say anything that might turn into a rumor, and don't do things that you know would upset them. For example, if you both had a crush on the same person and they asked you out, don't just say yes. Make sure you know your best friend is okay with it. Things like that are sometimes hard to do, but if you want a solid friendship you have to be trustworthy.
  5. Stick up for them. Sitting and watching your best friend get picked on or teased is definitely not going to earn you a brownie badge in best friends. If your best friend is getting seriously bullied and you're scared you'll get hurt if you get involved, then get help from a teacher or parents. If you can stick up for them without getting harmed yourself, make sure you do so. Sometimes you can feel totally better after being picked on when a friend tells everyone else to shut up and clear off.
  6. Spend time together. Hang out on the weekends or plan activities together every now and then, do some homework together, and chat during break at school. You don't have to live in each others' pockets, but make sure you spend some quality time together with your best friend to make the friendship grow and become stronger.
  7. Be yourself. Being yourself around someone is part of what makes you guys best friends. Be best friends with someone who you know you can be yourself around, because it isn't worth it trying to be someone you're not so you can be closer to someone. Don't hold things in either, so if you feel uncomfortable or have hard feelings against your best friend, talk about it with them. Make things comfortable between you two, and you'll both go through thick and thin together.
  8. Care for your best friend. If they're away from home, send them cards or care packages to show that you care. If they're sick, call them and ask how they are doing. Best friends care for each other. Show them you appreciate their presence in your life. Write them notes to show that you care and are thankful for them, and ask about their lives. Share your own stories, but make sure you have time for them.
  9. Avoid Expectations. If you assume what best friends' roles are, you will get disappointed and frustrated. Best friends are one of the most valuable friends you have, but they cannot help or support you in every aspect of your life. Do not expect them to always be there, or expect them to say the thing you want to hear. If there are expectations your Best friends need to reach, that will only leave you in a disappointing defeat. Be nice, do not email them saying they are a liar or you won't feel so good.
  10. Share laughs. There is nothing like laughing and smiling to bring people together.
  11. Be real. A best friend would like you if your poor or have buck teeth, they wouldn't want you to change anything.

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