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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to score an "A" in exams?

This gives you tips on how to get really good marks in a test. This will show you how to set an example to your juniors and stand tall and proud infront of your parents and teachers.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Confidence
  • Interest
  • Brain
  • Hardwork

The most basic thing you will have to do is to set a very clear goal. Many students' goals are studying textbooks and notes. Is that right? No, it isn't. The first goal students must set is that how many 'A's they want to achieve. This is very important because goals will determine how you study and therefore your results! For example, if you are going after a 100% for Maths, you will take necessary steps. Though you know you can't get 100%, you will get 80% and more. This is very different from a student who wants to just pass by 60%. They won't take the necessary steps and they will fail!
The next important thing is planning and scheduling. You can set how many goals you want but you won't be able to achieve them with out planning and scheduling. You need to divide time for both studying and playing. No one can study all time since your brain needs to rest after hard working. You can relax by listening to some good music or encouraging music. Do not watch TV or use computer. You will stress your eyes and your eyes will get tired making you feel like resting. This will ruin your schedule
Mind mapping is also very important. Whenever teachers teach you something at school, come home and mind-map whatever you have learnt. Writing notes won’t help because it is not attractive and it looks very hard to read. So mind-map with different colors and shapes.
The next step is power-reading information. Reading textbooks and notes can’t help you throughout the exam. There must be some questions which are about your opinion. You should answer it with proof to get marks. So, you have to go online or go to the library to get more information about what you need to know.

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