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Sunday, September 12, 2010

[INFO] 100911 2PM's 'thanks to' messages for HOTTESTs

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

Hello. This is JYPE.

2PM's solo concert ended successfully with the support of many people.
We thank the people who sent hot support to the concert sincerely.
The members readied a message of thanks to you HOTTESTs for strongly cheering on 2PM, who showed you a great performance.

"We'll all try hard to not let you down, so please stay by our sides!

Thank you! Love you!"

"That we'll last forever like this...
This won't ever change... I hope.
Love you, precious Hottest"

"Please keep meeting with 2PM for a long long time

I love you HOTTEST!!!"

"Thank you so much for loving 2PM's music, performances, and each and every one of us as a person.
Please keep watching 2PM!! I was touched by each and every photo and video having affection in it when I monitor (myself).
I love you guys. ^-^"

"Because we have you, there's love,
Because we have that love, there's passion,
And that passion makes my music.
My feelings towards you guys which are too big to be put in words...
I love you.."

"I know that you are always going through a hard time and hurt a lot because of 2PM!
Now let's be happy!"

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