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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leeteuk, full of senses for variety shows "Everybody goes Leeteuk~ Leeteuk~"

Super Junior’s member Leeteuk won a round of applause at the “Small Room Talk” segment of the September 6 episode of MBC TV’s “Come to Play” for his attitude towards variety shows.

During the show, Leeteuk revealed three special skills that can obtain the affection from the audience in variety programmes. The first is reaction. Regardless whether or not it makes any sense, there are five ways of reacting in order to allow everyone to be able to experience the feelings within.

Leeteuk announced that “you can’t use the normal laughter, and it must be of a lighter tone.” The philosophy behind this is that “because laughter is contagious. If there’s no laughter, then even an interesting topic will become boring.”

The second skill is that “when the hosts are talking, you must add some exclamations while being seated at the side. This will allow the hosts and guests to be able to express themselves more.”

The last is “you have to love and really do the show with all your heart.”

Leeteuk said: “I want to know the reason why I’m taking part in a show, and regardless whether it’s the reaction or the exclamations, they must come from your heart. If you’re just faking it, the members of the audience are able to feel it.”

Leeteuk had mentioned that he didn’t get much sleep on the previous night, and was currently very tired, but he cannot let it all show on his face, because the audience doesn’t know he did not get even several hours of sleep. At this time, MC Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Wonhee said that “there are a lot of people who likes to call out ‘Leeteuk Leeteuk’, earning laughter from everyone.

Leeteuk’s philosophy of variety shows has received much attention from the audience. They commented that “he really does have the image of being an expert of variety shows”, “a lot of idols should learn from Leeteuk”, “it’s really great to see his hardworking image all the time”, and “he’s still so hardworking even when he’s tired… He’s really Leeteuk~ Leeteuk.”

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Source: Baidu Super Junior Bar
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