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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Super Junior Yesung, playing the role of Sir Galahad of the Knights of the Round Table

Super Junior’s Yesung made the headlines by being casted in the musical “Spamalot”, whereby the press conference was held at the Seoul Plaza Hotel on the 31st of August at 2pm.

“Spamalot” talks about the story of King Arthur’s expedition in search of the Holy Grail along with his Knights of the Round Table, all while trying to avoid the harm being done by the construction workers, leaving the musical to be filled with comical scenes. Playing through parodies beyond your imagination and scenes where you cannot help but laugh, and interweaving them with scenes from an overused love story, the (original) musical won a surprise Tony Award in 2005 for the Best Musical category.

Other notable actors taking part in the musical with Yesung this time include Park Youngkyu, the master of comical acting who is making his comeback on stage after a 5-year lapse, Jung Seonghwa who emerged as the hero of Korea’s musical world, Shin Youngsuk who has the most critically acclaimed performance standards in “Cats” and “Beethoven”, Goo Wonyoung, Jung Sanghoon, Kim Jaebum, Kim Ho, Kim Namho and more.

The hardest challenge of Yesung’s character as Sir Galahad in the musical would be the fact that he has to grasp the transliteration of the songs in the musical properly. Aside from that, he also has to perform the highlight, which is a parody of the “Phantom of the Opera”, and make the audience double over in laughter.

“Spamalot” will begin its performances from 1st October at the Seoul Han Jun Arts Centre.

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