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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Super Junior, "The Most Ambitious Member is Yesung"

Super Junior’s subgroup Super Junior-K.R.Y. has openly revealed their respective individual images.

In order to commemorate the occasion of Yesung being chosen as an MC on “The Muzit”, Super Junior-K.R.Y. became guests on the show. During the interview, members Kyuhyun and Ryeowook revealed that “In Super Junior, the most ambitious member is Yesung”, which attracted everyone’s attention. Yesung really accepted the first place “award” naturally, eliciting an outburst of laughter.

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook said that “Normally Yesung would play games on his computer, and watch basketball and movies on DVD; at the same time, he is also able to read magazines while having fruits.” Being able to do many things at the same time, Yesung’s ability was recognised by many, and was acknowledged as the most ambitious person.

Meanwhile, Yesung joked that Kyuhyun is “a kid that matured early, and doesn’t give off the feeling of being a little brother”, but said that he was the first one who called Kyuhyun at midnight to wish him on Kyuhyun’s birthday, showing his affection towards his younger brother.

He also mentioned that Ryeowook is “the most considerate friend, and would always think of the other members first before thinking about himself.” This clearly showed the strong friendship between the members.

Recently, Super Junior-K.R.Y. held a successful first live concert in Japan, and displayed a charismatic side of them on stage through their music and brilliant vocals. If you would like to watch their cordial looks and charismatic stage, tune in to the TrendE “The Muzit” programme on Saturday, 11th September at 10:30PM.

After debuting with Super Junior in 2005, apart from having activities with Super Junior’s subgroup Super Junior-K.R.Y., Yesung also received a lot of love through the drama OST “It Has To Be You” recently.

At the same time, Yesung’s acting, who has received critical acclaim through the musicals “Nam Han San Sung” and “Hong Gil Dong” , has been confirmed to be performing in the musical “Spamalot”, which would begin in October. He plans to show everyone a mature image of him as a musical actor. In addition to being chosen to be an MC on “The Muzit” alongside Yoo Youngsuk and K.Will, it can be said that Yesung has had activities in various areas.

“The Muzit” is an interaction space that is built around music (Music + Azit), employing the best acoustics and accompaniments from a live band of high-quality to bring handsome performances. Apart from that, there are also truthful revelations and stories from the celebrities in order to produce an exclusive music programme. The programme is being jointly hosted by composer Yoo Youngsuk, the vocalist full of emotions, K.Will, and the strongest vocalist Yesung.

Original Article: MDToday
Source: Baidu Super Junior Bar
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