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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[Interviews] Wonder Girls "wants a chartered plane too"

Girlgroup WONDERGIRLS is envious of their rival SNSD. On September 4 (Korean time) at the NCsoft AION players' convention in Seattle, WONDERGIRLS agreed to a media interview & shared their thoughts aloud. They yearned to get off like SNSD, & also hoped to perform together with their company's other artistes. -- About how SNSD took a specially charted flight to Los Angeles, WONDERGIRLS appeared a little bummed out.

"Not so much dissatisfaction, as it has engendered an aspiration. [We] yearn to perform together with our JYP buddies. All the artistes under our company banner, one after another, putting up a special show for the fans. Seems like a great idea. For us, it can also produce good memories."

-- Recent hearsay has WONDERGIRLS losing Korean fans due to their American activities. Any thoughts about returning to re-establish [themselves] in Korea?

"About the claim of feeling sad over losing the fans, we make light of it. The reason why the fans like other singers is cuz they like different kinds of music, so we don't have any resentment. Also, denying this fact won't help us succeed. Although we are sorry about letting down our Korean fans, our American activities must still proceed on, right through to the final success. In order not to let the Korean fans feel upset, we will create a fanclub & upload videos."

-- Sunye's stealthy altruism in delivering clothing to the mountain codger has become a great talking point.

"I am very embarrassed. Trekked over 2 hours in the mountains, yet unable to find [him]. Eventually, I had to inconvenience the show's PD with the task, & possibly that was how everybody came to know about it. I was worried about burdening the privy, but fortunately he was very understanding. Formerly in Korea, I was always thinking of doing something meaningful. This was a great opportunity, so it felt very good.

-- Any thoughts about the time spent on American activities?

"We went to America in April last year. So already it has been about 1.5 years, & we have performed in over 90 cities [in all]. We released the title song 'Nobody' of our debut English-language album. When the latter hit the Billboard Top 100 in the last-half year, that was an extremely proud time & we were brimming with aplomb. This year, we have already toured solo in over 30 cities. The new '2DT' album was simultaneously released in Korean, English & Chinese editions. But this is the first time we are doing a Los Angeles [sic] showcase while appearing in the AION MMORPG game. It seems like destiny has been pulling us along, right through till the present."

-- After conducting America activities, any differences compared to Korea?

"The reactions of American & Korean fans seem the same. But during our events, we get to perform for & meet the fans more in America. In Korea, it was more through music broadcasts."

-- What are the future plans?

"We are preparing our next album. It is expected to be released in January 2011.

Sunye: "For the remaining 3 months or so this year, along with the American events & the album preparations, we may go to places we have not been to in Asia to carry out focused activities."

Source: Chinese JoongAng Daily
Credit: qoxie @ soompi (TRANS)
shared in: www.wgspectacle.com

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