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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Best Super Star in Asia! The Leading Artist of Global Korean Wave! Super Junior!
Glorious Comeback with their 5th Full Album on August 3rd!
Drawing the Attention of Global Fans in Asia as well as in Europe and South America!
- Starting with Eunhyuk, Surprising Changes of Each Member will be released by Images Everyday-
Finally, Super Junior who represents Korea as well as Asia, will make a glorious comeback with their 5th full album. Since Super Junior is the best star of Korean wave who has been receiving a tremendous popularity in Europe, the Americas, South America as well as in Asia, it is expected to fascinate global music fans.
Super Junior was much loved by sweeping music charts in many Asian countries. Super Junior ranked the 1st on the ‘2010 GaOn Chart Awards’ for record sale with their fourth album ‘BONAMANA’ and also topped the Korean Music TOP100 Charts on Taiwanese largest online music website KKBOX for 59 consecutive weeks (still remained as the 1st).
Also, they performed their third grand Asian tour concert, ‘SUPER SHOW 3’ for over 20 times in 13 different Asian cities including Seoul, Yokohama, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh. With the sold-out of all seats, there were fierce competitions for tickets at every concert so it has showed an amazing ‘ticket power’ as Asian top star.
In addition, Super Junior even participated in ‘SMTOWN LIVE’ concert in LA (US) and Paris (France) and received an enthusiastic response. They also fascinated music fans in different regions such as South America, Europe, Americas, Arab, etc, as leading boy band of global Korean wave. Therefore their 5th album is also expected to make a large contribution to the spread of global Korean wave.
Especially, it will be a great chance to meet improved performance and various genres of music in the new full album which is being released since one year and two months. Therefore it’s already predicted to sweep the various music charts.
Super Junior revealed their determination by saying that, “"As much as music fans have waited, it's an album that all the members were looking forward to. We would like to communicate with fans all over the world with our new music and performances. Please look forward to our new album."
Meanwhile, Super Junior will release their 5th full album on August 3rd and an explosive response is expected since a teaser image of each member, who has made surprising changes, is scheduled to be unveiled every day, starting with Eunhyuk today(July 20th).


  1. suke suke suke...
    minat SuJu since 2008 :))
    sayang Donghae <3

  2. waahh..kebetulan ngah layan lgu2 suju....teheee


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