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Monday, May 24, 2010

![14.5.10][Mess]From CNBlue to BOICE

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Hi everybody, I am Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue. I am very glad cause our FC was set up. We can be closer to our fans, which make me more happy. In the next time, I hope you will support and love CN Blue more. Yahhhh! And You Boice must work hard also. I will check!!! I will try my best 10, 100 times harder than I did

Love, I am Jung Yong Hwa.

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Hi, I am Jong Hyun of CN Blue. Our FC was set up... I even have not believed in yet. Thank you so mụch for your deeply love as soon as we have begun. Come to watch, enjoy, and support us usually.

We will always perform great songs in reply to your love for us.!

Boice, Fighting!

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Hi, I am Min Hyuk, in charge of the drum in CN Blue. Our FC "Boice" was set up, which made me feel happy. You fans always beside and support us although it is difficult to be side by side and we can not express our gratitude. I was moved due to Boice's establishment, a chance for us to be closer. I will listen attentively all your encouraging words, Boice and CN Blue will be greater and greater.

Give us more love,

Boice, CN Blue, Fighting!!!

Thank you so much. I am Min Hyuk.

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Hi everyone, I am Jung Shin, in charge of the bass in CN Blue. Finally, our FC was set up. Thanks to your support and encouraging, we completed our Bluetory well and we are in process to finish the preparing work for our next album. You must be expected a lot, Boicce!

It was unfortunate for the lack of the information you reiceved, I gladly suppose that from now, through Boice, you will have more news and information. I am always thankful to you and will work hard to be better and better. Boice, Fighting. CN Blue Fighting!

Credit : 安夜澜@tieba.baidu ; Mr.CNBlue ; boicevn
Translate from korean to Vietnamese: 4Seasons@boicevn
Translate from Vietnamese to English: Arielclare@boicevn
Please take out with full credit ! thanks!

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