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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

!FM Yokohama Radio Blog, Junsu Who Can’t Stop Being Cute 100525

Tonight’s guest is XIAH junsu-san whose single will be released tomorrow!
Tonight’s guest is XIAH junsu-san whose single will be released tomorrow!
The thing that he worries about the most is…
“Recently, I stepped on manager-san’s foot…”
A few days ago, during a magazine interview, it seems like he was stepping on his manager’s foot for 5 minutes (LOL). He wasn’t aware of it; and after that, when his manager told him about the incident, he said, “It would be good if you have told me earlier!”. But his manager said that XIAH junsu looked very interesting like that.
Since his single “XIAH” is going to be released tomorrow, XIAH junsu-san wants to send a thank you messages to fans who have been supporting him up until now.
Moreover, the sexy jacket picture which gives you an overall view of the song is also something you should pay attention to ☆
In the process of recording “Intoxication”, he was in charge of arranging and composing the song.
Although he’s busy with various activities in different Asian countries, it’s amazing that he keeps challenging himself with new things!
Moreover, we also asked him about his “Secret of Being Healthy” while maintaining his busy schedule!
He said that of course it’s important to pay attention to your exercise and your diet, but the most important thing is to “Keep Facing Forward and Be Positive”. Since he always keeps a positive mind, the people around him are also able to smile and be happy.
Well then, it’s time to challenge him in for our training center’s special corner “Can you draw it?”!
The theme is “Tap Dance”, an advanced one.
XIAH junsu-san who’s bewildered by the advanced theme.
What kind of drawing will it turn out to be?!
Totally serious!
XIAH junsu’s “Can you draw it?”


XIAH junsu-san who was worried, “What if people mistake it for being a drawing of ballet…?”, but the reporter in charge who’s a fan of junsu understood it at one glance.
Since he drew the advanced “Tap Dance” drawing splendidly, he’ll be able to get his air time tomorrow~!
XIAH junsu-san and the (male (LOL) ) reporter who is junsu’s fan hugged each other in excitement ☆
To commemorate the release of “XIAH” tomorrow, he will be holding an event on 6/18 (Fri)!
Please find the application form inside “XIAH” single and submit it. 2000 people, 1000 for each session, will be invited to the event!!
Moreover, he will be holding a concert at Osaka Kyocera Dome on 6/5-6 and Tokyo Dome on 6/12-13!
Thank you very much!!
Source: FM Yokohama Radio’s Blog [1] + [2]
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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