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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

!don't know what the lyrics of nu abo mean? take heart, f(x) doesn't know either

Hailed as Asia’s dance pop girlgroup, f(x) was recently back with their 1st minialbum and the title song ‘NU ABO’.

While the catchy number is well received by music fans, the f(x) girls confess that they do not know exactly what the lyrics to the song mean. The girls recently did an interview with 10Asia and revealed what they feel about the song.

10Asia: Many people wanted to ask this. How was it like when you first saw the lyrics to ‘NU ABO’? (Question by netizen ‘mooncatzz’)

* Krystal: For me, I don’t understand it.
* Sulli: I was like “What does ggoong-di-ggoong-di mean?” (Laugh)

10Asia: So have you asked about the meaning of the lyrics?

* Krystal: Actually, there is no such word as ‘mysteric’. There is ‘mystery’ but no such word as ‘mysteric’. And I was confused why we sang about ‘unnie (elder sister)’ when the song is about blood types. (Laugh) But after we filmed the MV, we understood the lyrics better.
* Luna: We thought amongst ourselves how the story and the interpretation to the lyrics should go.

Meanwhile, other interesting questions asked during the interview:

10Asia: Did you girls came out with our own idea? (Question by netizen ‘Park JooHyun nb**’)

* Luna: Yes. When we were working on the choreography we thought about what actions should go with the lyrics and asked our choreography teacher for advices. Even Victoria has said this before, the idea of her high kick was her idea.

10Asia: What are the members’ blood types?

* Luna: Amber unnie is type B. Victoria and Sulli are type O, Krystal is type A and I’m type AB. (Laugh)

10Asia: Victoria and Amber, how are you adapting to the Korean culture? You girls have improved a lot in terms of your Korean language proficiency.

* Sulli: Now they are Koreans.
* Luna: Now we can’t talk anymore, because they will understand.

10Asia: How is studying of Korean language? Did the members help out with that?

* Victoria: When I’m speaking, I would ask the members if there is any words I don’t know. But when I’m alone, I like to watch drama, and when I’m watching I would go, “Oh? I may be able to use this phrase later” and I will follow along a few times.
* Sulli: She has many post-its on her desk. Really.
* Luna: In fact she watches more Korean dramas than we do.

10Asia: Sulli is close to KARA JiYoung right?

* Sulli: We meet up often even if we don’t have the same schedule. At first we used the same waiting room. And we are both 94-er. That’s why we got close. And its like our minds think a like.

10Asia: Sulli grew a lot taller over the past 2 years.

* Sulli: Yes, I’ve grown taller by 25 cm.

10Asia: Krystal lives in her own house, so which member does she want to be roommate with? (Lee JiEun apfhd_***)

* Krystal: Haha. Oh…
* Amber: Stay in your own room
* Krystal: Can’t I have a room to myself?
* Amber: Sleep on the sofa.
* Victoria: You can have the living room.
* Sulli: Well done!설리: 잘한다!
* Amber: That…what..clothes…
* The rest: Wardrobe!

10Asia: f(x) has really many female fans. What’s the reason to that? Is there anything different about having oppa and unnie fans? (Sulggiri)

* Krystal: Well for unnie fans? They take care of us like our own unnies. So it’s like they like us. If we do fansigning, they will go, “Oh, what do you like? I will do like tributes and things like that. Shall I do that for you?” (laugh)

10Asaia: You still do not have a fanclub name yet. If you can make one on your own, what will do call it? (Hwang JooHye juh***)

* Luna: Functions?
* Krystal: We are functions right. (laugh)
* Amber: y.
* Victoria: If there is a good one, it would be good.
* Luna: =y.
* Sulli: How to have such original ideas? I hope there is one (laugh)

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