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Monday, May 17, 2010

!"Pulpy Guy" Nichkhun, the reason he drank 7 liters of juice during a CF shoot?

Nichkhun, who is receiving love from a variety of age groups with his fresh looks and bright personality, showed off a different charm as a "Pulpy Guy" at the site of the Minute Maid commercial shoot that took place in the English Village in Kyungido Paju.

For the CF that had the concept, "Through 'Minute Maid with Pulpy,' you will experience a new joy in your everyday life," 2PM Nichkhun fully displayed the features of a romantic guy as he showed a charm new and different like the fresh feeling of the pulp(Pulpy) in fruits. "Pulpy" represents the fiber left after the fresh pulp in a fruit is squeezed out well.

In addition, Nichkhun disregarded the director's suggestion to "drink moderately," and instead drank 7 liters of juice in his determination to do his best as a "Minute Maid with Pulpy" model.

It was said that he displayed his passionate work ethic by working out periodically during the shoot with sit-ups and push-ups to help his digestion then returning to the filming right away.

Nichkhun's new charm on the set of the "Minute Maid with Pulpy" CF shoot can be seen and enjoyed on smart phones through the QR Code. Meaning "Quick Response, the QR Code, which can be accessed with a 2-D bar code [T/N: A special barcode like the one in the picture above that needs a special pen to be read], includes a variety of data such as pictures, videos, and texts.

The "Minute Maid with Pulpy" TV CF with Nichkhun will be released on May 22nd.

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