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Sunday, May 30, 2010

![NEWS] BEAST to go on a ‘1 Night 2 Day’ vacation!

Idol group BEAST is off to a 1 night 2 days trip with their fans.

BEAST is going to have a special time at a resort in Kyoungbook on May 29th and May 30th for the event ‘1 Night & 2 Day with BEAST.’

Focusing on fan service, this event was planned beyond the average scale and planned for a long time. The way to win for this event was special also.

In the BEAST 2nd mini album, there were polaroid pictures the members took of themselves as they called it the ‘Card of Luck’ to attend the 1 Night 2 Daytrip.

Many fans with different cases, whether they’re fans in Korea or international fans whom bought the album overseas, join together to spend a meaningful time with BEAST in one place.

BEAST said, “This is our first time going on a trip with our fans, so we’re really nervous. It’s disappointing that not all of our fans are able to go with us but we hope to make good memories with them.”

Meanwhile, BEAST recently succeeded in closing their promotions for their 2nd album as they’re on variety programs and preparing for their overseas promotion.

Envy of those lucky fans? Be prepare, as BEAST will be have their overseas promotion!

CREDITS: Newsen (SOURCE); seoulfoood @B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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