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Thursday, May 20, 2010

!Hyun Bin for Marie Claire June

Hyun Bin displays a different, fierce image in his new spread for the June issue of Marie Claire magazine.

In the accompanying interview, Hyun Bin talked about his most recent acting project, Late Autumn, which was filmed wholly on location in Seattle with co-star Tang Wei. He said, “I felt some pressure at being in a project that has been remade several times, but in order to express a new side to the character, I went into filming without watching the previous versions.”

Regarding Tang Wei, he said, “Working with her was so enjoyable. When the film was in the early casting stages, I received a lot of attention for working with Tang Wei, but I hope audiences can just watch the movie comfortably.”

Hyun Bin also has fan events planned, and explained, “I received two songs, which I then recorded. I’ll present them at this upcoming fanmeeting. Although I won’t be making a formal singer’s debut, I am planning to release a single album in Japan shortly.”

Source: Newsen
Via: dramabeans

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