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Saturday, May 22, 2010

!J.Rich “Thanks to U-Know Yunho? His Name Has Been Said With Ours Over 97,000 Times” 100519

However, what has made all this possible is the hard work and talent they’ve been honing for a long time. But they do feel slightly disappointed at the title ‘Rookie group that is friends with U-Know Yunho’ that keeps following them.
J.Rich’s leader Kim Woojoo recently told newsen in an honest confession of his surprise at the unexpected interest from fans.

“I think Yunho’s name has come up with ours about 97,000 times. I wish people would just know us as J.Rich but I’m not saying that I don’t like it either. As you know, he’s in such a high position that I feel as though I’m benefiting a lot from him. (laughter)”
Whether they like it or not, J.Rich’s sudden rise to fame is due to U-Know Yunho. On the day of their debut at a music program on the 9th, a rumor spread that U-Know Yunho would be gracing the stage with them and the group’s name suddenly began to appear on every portal site’s search rankings.
There are unfavorable views from people who believe that J.Rich is using U-Know Yunho for marketing purposes. But in this relationship is the sincerity and respect of two friends who shared the same dream. This loyalty runs so deep that U-Know Yunho was willing to be with them from the early morning to give them sharp advice such as “Be humble,” and warm support such as “Don’t worry.”
“If I were to describe Yunho in one word, it would be that he is easy-going. He’s kind of like a hyung you see in your neighborhood? He’s not like a celebrity at all and he’s very thrifty… He’s sch a Scrooge that whenever we meet, I always end up spending more money than him. (laughter) Yunho is a friend who shared and nurtured the same dream as me since high school. Both of us loved to dance and we came to Seoul together to prepare. So naturally, we’ve become very close. He’s a really good friend.”
Source: [newsen+Yuaerubi]
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