Two Kpop-related trending tags managed to enter What The Trend’s Week In Review. As there is no surprise to the trending topics made by fans nowadays, it’s a rare chance for a Kpop-related tag to enter What The Trend’s legit summary. Including the fact that Twitter has imposed stricter rules to confirm the Trending’s legitimacy.
However, Super Junior’s Bonamana has topped the weekly rankings for the first time followed by new trend ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ by Bigbang entering at the seventeenth slot.

Ever since news of their comeback came out up to the group’s performances, tweeting fans have shown their love by trending ‘Bonamana’. After approximately trending for 4 days in total, the tag peaked to #1 this week.
This calls for a celebration, yes?

Meanwhile, Bigbang’s trending tag ‘Tell Me Goodbye’ impressively enters the seventeenth spot. This was done by tweeting VIP’s following the release of the group’s latest music video. However, there has been a slight mix-up on non-Kpop fans who trended #tellmegoodbye differently.

Credit : OhKpop/
Source : What The Trend