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Monday, May 24, 2010

!Cassiopeia at 2010 Dream Concert chanting TVXQ 100522

TVXQ Proves Constant Presence at Dream Concert
Even though the members of TVXQ did not participate in this Dream Concert, their fans were determined to be like any other fanclub.

In the middle of the performances, TVXQ’s fanclub Cassiopeia showed their strength, waving red balloons and light sticks, singing “Balloons”, “Jumon – Mirotic” and various other TVXQ songs, chanting TVXQ too!
The words on the banner: TVXQ’s beauties have come!
Source: Newsen + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


Fan Report 100522

I arrived at the World cup stadium a litte before 5pm. I already expected dbsk fans to be there so I took my red lightstick and dbskballoon with me that I got
at MJ this is it concert, just in case!:P
I had tickets in South Section C and when I entered I already saw a red sea!! wow really surprised me! they are not even performing and so many fans in red!
So cool!
My section was apparently half for SNSD and the other half for SHINee. I had tickets in SNSD’s half. They handed out SNSD balloons and this nice girl behind
us just gave us two snsd lightsticks! Around 5.30 i think, the cassies began to sing Mirotic really loud!! And the Shinee fans chanted with them! After this they
sang balloons and chanting DBSK! DBSK! DBSK!! Cassies are amazing! Also we saw the miduyo sign a few on times on the big screen!
During the break the cassies sang mirotic once more !! Then, we saw the miduyo sign on the screen again! All the cassies were screaming and chanting miduyo! miduyo!Heechul was one of the MCs of the night and he mentioned DBSK/cassiopeia a few times. He said dbsk is his family and he would sing for cassiopeia. He sang Junsu’s first line in the bridge of Love in the ice! (세상끝에 홀로/saesang geuthae hollo) and all the cassies were screaming again!
This concert was amazing! around 20 Kpop artists! Also mad props to all the cassies! So amazing, even though dbsk wasn’t even performing! I think there were around 600 cassies, maybe even more!
Credit: [HS@sharingyoochun.net]

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