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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[10.06.24] 4Minute talks about "seen music", being sexy and meeting fans' demands, INTER

With Hot Issue and Muzik, 4Minute created a craze in Korea. Now they are gaining more popularity with new song Huh. 4Minute climbed onto the top place of M!Countdown with Huh during the period of debut anniversary, after which the members said, "Rather than being the best in the industry, we want to be the only," showing great determination. Recently an interview with them was conducted by TV Daily.

When the reporter told them the "outcome was good", JiHyun said it felt as good as a dream. In Huh, the emphasis on the "seen music".

GaYoon explained, "The public's standard is getting higher, music these days cannot only be heard, it must be visually intriguing. That's why we put in so much on costumes, makeup and choreography." Just for the "seen music", 4Minute has chosen outfits and leather boots which reveal their body figures. Topping off with large accessories, they look sexier and more charismatic.

Although the style this time is stronger than ever, this fusion of grandeur and sexiness is definitely an attention magnet. Regarding this, HyunAh commented, "We didn't show our sexy image intentionally, but everyone says it's good, we're thankful. I think those who are devoted to their career are the most charismatic. Usually people describe our performances as sexy instead of beautiful." SoHyun continued, "Actually even our outfits for Muzik were not very revealing, but everyone says we're sexy. Sometimes we wonder what kind of reactions everyone will have if we have a truly sexy performance."

With increasing popularity, 4Minute has to attend many kinds of music shows and World Cup activities every day, their schedule was packed. 4Minute also joking calls themselves "Events 4Minute" because of the group's busy life.

JiYoon said, "Regardless of how busy our schedule is, we won't feel tired as long as we're together. A good team spirit is our moving force." GaYoon added, "Many people don't believe that girl groups have good bonds between members, but we are definitely the most bonded and united girl group."

4Minute members listen to the smallest requests from fans, they even have discussions after each event. "We always try to meet the demands of fans. If they say a certain part of the choreography is good, we'll work hard to perfect it. If someone says a live performance is needed, we'll do it as well. We take great care of the fans' requests," said GaYoon, "We accept their suggestions and appear with a more perfect stage. Fans always leave messages like "They must have discussed" and I will want to tell them "Yes!" "

4Minute members are not afraid of changes and are always ready to show everyone the unique features of the group. When the reporter asked what kind of commendation they would want to hear, the members replied, "4Minute is still the best!" This line excites them the most.

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translation: kueensora@4-minute.com

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