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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TV Japan – Beautiful Love, 10 things we want to ask Yoochun

Now on BeeTV his first drama !
Cellphone broadcast drama “BeeTV” is airing Yoochun’s first drama. He plays the role of a conglomerate son that falls in love with a girl who dreams of becoming a writer. He confessed his view on love,behind the scene stories and secret stories. 10 questions you can only ask here, is going to expose Yoochun!? Also introducing the upcoming stories of the drama!
10 things we want to ask Yoochun

01) Why did you challenge “Beautiful Love ~if you’re here~?
-The story was really good, and I thought “lets challenge a lot of things right now!” so I accepted it.
02) What is the character you played, Yoong-Su’s personality?
-He has everything but he doesn’t have anything he really wants. He’s actually a sad and lonely person. He is full with human-ness and is attractive.
03) How does Yoong-su change after meeting Hinata?
-Yoong-su is really clumsy and never showed the true him to anyone, but after meeting Hinata he tries to live being honest to himself.
04) What was hard during the filming?
-It was hard to act because I didn’t know the nuance to the lines since it was in Japanese~! Even if it’s the same word in Korean and Japanese how to express it is different. I asked the director and tried it.
05) What was the line in Japanese that was difficult?
- For example, “car accident”, “You don’t know embarrassment”, “you don’t get hurt”. I kept repeating it and practiced so that I don’t stutter. And I don’t know why but I couldn’t memorize the word “nigaoe” (portrait) *laughs*
06) How do you relax during filming?
- sitz bath and listen to music. My manager recommended to put in peppermint oil and to sitz bath. Then I fell asleep while bathing *laughs*.
07) Is there a difference between Japan and Korea’s relationship? (Love)
- Korean guys will tell their feelings with “words” and on anniversaries we would surprise them. But Japanese guys are shy so they don’t really do stuff like that.
08) What kind of girls do you like?
- Someone who is natural. I don’t like people who change their attitude depending on that person.
09) What is your next goal?
- After being in the drama, I thought acting was fun since you get to act out a lot of different lives. Some day I want to be someone who can act and sing!
10) A message to the TVJapan readers!
- It will make me happy if I was able to show the excitement I got from filming this. Also please take care of Junsu’s song that makes the drama even better *laughs*. Junsu came to the set to support me!
3rd episode (6/16):
Yoong-su feels tired of having to live as the son of a conglomerate and to get freedom he runs away from the hotel. But the credit card he had with him doesn’t work and….
4th episode (6/23): Hinata who hasn’t been doing well with her boyfriend Akira. She brings Yoong-su back to her and Akira’s apartment to make Akira jealous.
5th episode (6/30): Yoong-su gets kicked out of the apartment for making Hinata mad. Hinata finds out Yoong-su is the child of a conglomerate and gets some kind of job.
6th episode (7/7): The media started to notice that Yoong-su hasn’t been around. Yoong-su goes back to Hinata and Akira’s apartment but…
7th episode (7/14): Hinata was depressed for not passing the 2nd stage for a contest for new authors. To cheer her up Yoong-su confesses that his dream is to be an artist.
Source: [TV Japan + hikaonma]
Translation: [Rieko@sharingyoochun]
Shared by: [OneTVXQ.com]

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