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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

INTERVIEW: D-NA “The Rebel Image, It Just Fits Us”

[NoCut Interview] 5 member male idol group D-NA who have returned with their mini-album 'Awake'.

[Image: ^Group D-NA (supplied from Open World Entertainment)]

Male idol group ‘D-NA’ (Mika Hyunmin Injun Karam Jay) has had a comeback as rebels.

D-NA has charged in with the release of their latest mini-album ‘Awake’ and their promotions for their title song ‘Stumble Stumble’. For D-NA who had debuted in March with their online album ‘Admiring Boy’, ‘Awake’ is their first official offline album.

The D-NA members have revealed that “It seems like we have now properly debuted” and that “We are glad that we are now able to give our album as a gift to people. They say that the first batch had been sold out so we are so surprised while happy of the fact that there are fans out there who are actually buying our albums” with a wide smile.

D-NA had decided on a new concept of rebelling. ‘Admiring Boy’ had shown a pure, youthful image, but this showed a more mature image. The title ‘Awake’ also means ‘a boy awaking as a man’.

Member Injun has said that “it is an image that we don’t have to force ourselves to look like men so it fits us very well” and has explained that “you can see it as the process of becoming a real man”.

The leader, Mika and the youngest, Jay said in one voice “Rather than a really young feeling, we think that this concept suits us more” and that “we’re working naturally”.

The title song ‘Stumble Stumble’ is a dance song in an electronic pop genre and was composed and written by the composer Ahn Young Min. The members revealed that “cause we liked all the songs, we had to think for a long time on which one would be our title song” and explained that “after much discussion, we decided to choose ‘Stumble Stumble’ as our title song”.

D-NA who has just passed their 100th day after debut. For the last 4 months, they have performed, held a showcase in Japan, and started a new project. The members have all said that they have no idea on where all that time had disappeared to.

Member Hyunmin has said that “There is a lot of worry going on because I had lost weight. I didn’t lose it intentionally, it just went away by itself since I was so tired”

Even though it is exhausting, D-NA is enjoying the busy schedule. Especially Karam who said that, “My mother has covered her beauty salon with D-NA posters to the extent where it is like our poster exhibition hall. My mother is excited on the fact that her name is being mentioned on t.v.” and while laughing, revealed that “as her son, I am very happy to see her like that”.

Karam than revealed that “I have a lot of relatives who have businesses in the beauty industry, so my relatives have all put up our posters on their beauty salons” and that “I am determined to work very hard for my family and for my fans”.

The leader, Mika, said that “We have learnt how to control our conditions, and the members’ tru colours have come out. We have also learnt the know-hows on stage” and that “we have gained more resilience when we have to participate in activities”.

[Image: ^Group D-NA (supplied from Open World Entertainment)]

Mika (@Mika90628) and Injun (@Injun0309) has started the online social network Twitter not too long ago. Mika has said that “we haven’t even promoted overseas but there are people who are following me from Japan, Thailand, needless to say Singapore, and also from Brazil” and that “I think that I really need to improve my foreign languages to be able to communicate with all these fans”.

D-NA has now shed their soft hair* and is now taking dignified steps as singers. They have said that, same as when they debuted, “we want to become known around Asia as D-NA” and again revealed their dreams.

“We have become a little bit more known. This is a time where we should work as hard as we can to steady our place. We’ll have to show D-NA’s potential to develop. But we are not going to rush ourselves. We are thinking of showing ourselves slowly one by one. We have endless possibilities on what we can do. Please support us because we will become Asia’s D-NA”

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: *i'm not really sure if that is what its supposed to mean but it seemed the most valid. i'm assuming that they're referring to the fact that young boys have "softer" hair than grown men so yeah....

CREDIT: nocutnews.co.kr (source) + kimchiluv@enchanteDNA (translator)

SOURCE: enchanteDNA forums post

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