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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 100628 Fanaccount for 2PM's It's Skin fansigning

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T/N: This fansigning was held sometime last week, it was the same fansigning the PM members apologized for on their Twitters for holding a badly organised fansigning.

As a Big Bang fan..
I went to the Myung Dong It's Skin 2PM fansigning.
(Why I went is a private matter so pass...)

To be honest… Since I'm a Big Bang fan I wasn't going to go… But since I won the prize it felt like a waste if I didn't.

I hung around Myung Dong, ate and went shopping until just over 6PM, and headed over to It's Skin.
They checked my text and identity and I received my wrist band, and told me to come back at 7 so I finished off my shopping.

I've never been to a fansigning before… (I haven't even been to a Big Bang one… T_T)
I went there at 7 and waited in line.
2PM fans brought along A LOT of presents.
I thought, were we meant to bring that many presents?
Since the cameraman kept filming, I covered my face.

At the entrance, the bodyguard said they weren't allowed to take in their presents.
The fans' presents were all piled at the entrance… woah.. I thought, will they actually take all that home ?
(There were huge teddy bears and toys and stuff… They would take it right?)

Five people went in at a time, and I was the 5th person in line.
There wasn't anyone following behind me.
The order was...

Wooyoung Nichkhun Junsu Taecyeon Junho Chansung

When I was in line they gave me a name tag to put on my right chest.
It felt like it was so that they didn't have to say our names.
My bag strap was covering my name.
The guard told me to show my name.

Chansung saw my name and looked at my face once. But I was covering my face so he couldn't see my face. He signed and pushed the bromide photograph towards Junho.

Before signing, Junho asked me why I was covering my face. I said the camera people behind me kept filming. He said "Ah~ Cause they're filming~" and said even still it's okay… (Excuse me but… I'm not okay… T_T Public TV is embarrassing T_T)
He kept moving his head up and down trying to see my face. But I firmly stood still.
After Junho signed he asked for a handshake so I let my hand out. As we were shaking hands, Junho was meant to push the photo towards Taecyeon but it wouldn't move so he picked it up with both hands and gave it to me.
But as he handed it to me, if I received with both my hands my face would've been exposed..
Junho I'm sorry but I'll take it with one hand, cause nuna's a cool chick ! -_-;

I went towards Taecyeon.
But at that moment, I was thinking why didn't I say hi to Chansung and Junho… Why didn't I say anything…
When will I ever see 2PM this close ever again… and I suddenly started to regret…
So I was thinking of saying to Taecyeon that I really enjoyed watching Cinderella Sister… but all he did was look at me once so I couldn't say it.

And then I was infront of Junsu…Ah he's friends with our leader…I suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.
His skin was nice. I don't know if he was wearing makeup but his skin looked nice and soft…
Junsu wasn't signing, instead he just put both his hands on top of the bromide photo.
He was just sitting there… so I looked at Junsu's hands. He was putting on his ring. Silver rings.. 2? 3?
(This is just my thought but I think he was putting on his rings to control the tempo with the person in front of me. The person infront of me was still getting her sign from Nichkhun so if he just signed really quickly I would've been left just standing there? Just my thought)
Junsu slightly laughed and he was shaking his head and signing really slowly.
In my opinion I think Junsu's sign was the prettiest.

And Nichkhun
I thought he was going to look really good looking, but compared to seeing him on TV… umm.. how should I say this…
On TV he looks almost like an angel but in real life instead he looks more human.
He's good looking. But while he was signing he didn't even look at me once.
I just stared his eyebrows.
I was staring at Nichkhun like that as I moved along and all of a sudden the bodyguard goes "You can exit through here".
What is he talking about??? It seemed like I hadn't seen everyone????
But turns out as I was looking at Nichkhun's eyebrows… Wooyoung had already signed. It really was for an instant but it ended just like that ……
Bye Wooyoung-

One line summary: In my opinion, Junho looked the best in real life. I guess he doesn't get a lot of camera time.

+ Summary: What is It's Skin?? The fansigning looked shady -_- I got the text in the afternoon and I don't know if fansignings are meant to look like that but
It was weird -_- I'm not even a fan and I was annoyed… I think the actual fans would've been more annoyed.

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