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Monday, June 28, 2010

Yunho On The Pains Of His Acting Debut – “I Drank A Lot Of Water, And Fainted” 100626

On 26 June, Tohoshinki’s Jung Yunho was present at the Tokyo International Forum Hall as an actor, for his debut starring role in the drama “No Limit ~Heading to the ground~”, and it’s DVD release event. The event included Yunho’s personal selection of “My best scenes TOP 3” in the drama. He revealed that during the scene where he sank to the river bed, he actually stayed in under water for 2 minute, drinking a lot of water, and eventually fainted. He said, “I just resigned myself to drinking the water, and tried my best to shoot the scene,” explaining his feelings during that time, and the audience clapped warmly when he said this.

This drama is about soccer player Cha Bong Goon (Yunho) who aims to be a world class player, but is faced with problems such as his team breaking up, and struggles as he grows and how love blossoms among the ones around him. It is a youth love comedy drama. Two versions of the DVD Box set “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~ Complete Series DVD BOX 1” and “~DVD BOX 2.” They sold over 14,000 copies within the first week, taking both first and second position on the Oricon Chart Ranking in the Drama category.
Incidentally, this event comes at a time where both Japan and Korea have qualified for the knockout rounds in the World Cup. Yunho, who usually plays the position of goalkeeper when he plays soccer in private, declared about the two countries, “With this fighting spirit, I think and hope that we can get into the final 4!” His favourite soccer player is Keisuke Honda, the instrumental playmaker who helped determine Japan’s victory over Denmark. “ His shooting and kicks are very good”, he said, complimenting Japan’s ace player.
Assessing his debut acting performance, Yunho said “For this show, I had to study how soccer players walk, and became one once I put on the jersey.” Still, “I’m not 100% satisfied with my first challenge in acting, but through this drama, I have matured and grown,” he responded. “This drama is a learning experience, and I want to become stronger and work harder for the future”, he said, showing enthusiasm for similar activities in the future.
Also present at the event was the female lead, popular Korean actress (Go) Ara. With a talk show, card quiz and other activities, the 5000 fans that purchased the limited edition DVD and attended this event was full of smiles from the start till the end.
Source: [ORICON]
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