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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Asia's Superstar, Super Junior, now ready to sweep Asian Charts with its "No Other"

Asia's Superstar, Super Junior, now ready to sweep Asian Charts with its "No Other"

Asia’s Superstar Super Junior,
Releasing the 4th Re-packaged Album on June 28th!
Ready to Sweep Asian Charts with ‘No Other’ following ‘BONAMANA’

After topping KBS Music Bank chart for 3 weeks in a row, winning the Triple Crown in SBS ‘Popular Song’, and conquering various other music charts with the release of the 4th Regular album, “BONAMANA”, Super Junior is releasing the 4TH Re-packaged Album on June 28th.

In addition to existing 11 songs in the regular album, this Re-packaged Album also includes the follow-up song, ‘No Other’ and a more powerful remix version of ‘Shake it up’. Moreover, the album contains other songs such as ‘All My Heart’ and ‘A Short Journey’ which were written by the members of Super Junior and subsequently, the fans will be able to experience and enjoy improved and matured musical capabilities of Super Junior.

Elegant and polished Dance-Pop ‘No Other’ Presenting New Appeal of Super Junior!
‘ No Other’ , the new song that will continue the Super Junior craze from ‘BONAMANA’, is a dance-pop with the impression of south hip-hop based trendy beat and major style synth riff. The elegant melody was created by New York based composers such as C-2, Ryan Jhun, and Reefa, who is famously known for producing great hip-hop artists like The Game, Fabolous, and Ludacris. Combined with the lyric, which explicitly expresses the feeling of love toward the lover, written by Kenzie , the song has more than enough appeals for the public to witness another side of Super Junior.

2 Songs Written by Lee Teuk, Dong Hae, and Eun Hyuk,
Presenting More Mature Musical Sensibility!
‘A Short Journey’ with Kang In, attracting Fans!

‘All My Heart’ is a ballad composed by Lee Teuk, the leader of Super Junior, and Henry, the member of Super Junior-M. To precisely convey and deliver the feeling of warm-hearted sensation like the title of the song, acute sounds are removed as much as possible and the pop-like tone was created by playing the acoustic guitar instead. Also, Lee Teuk participated in the making of the song passionately even during his busy schedule for his first written song and this passion and enthusiasm seemed to have contributed to perfecting the song.

Lyrics written by Eun Hyuk and the song composed by Dong Hae, ‘A Short Journey’ was created through the friendship and the bond between the two members. The simple and repeated refrain and the melody that uses various scales give refreshing feeling to the listeners. Also, lots of anticipations and responses from fans are expected as Kang In, who is about to serve in the army, participated in ‘A Short Journey’ with much more mature vocal skills.

In addition, this album also includes the remix version of ‘Shake it up’ from the regular album. U pgraded with the chopped and screwed sound and the mixture of the Euro-pop and hip-hop the remix version provides more powerful and elegant sound that it becomes a great source for fans to experience a various styles of Super Junior’s music.

Source: Super Junior's Official Site
Shared by: Zunjiwu @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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