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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4Minute's Interview For Tower Records,

Korean girl group, 4Minute has announced that they'll release their second single in Japan. Their momentum is unstoppable, suddenly, we realized that Tower Records had an exclusive interview with them. Check it out!

This last May 5 2010, 4Minute, a Japanese girl group achieved long-awaited debut single [Muzik 』. Last August 5, at ZEPP TOKYO LIVE, they had their First Solo Concert in Japan entitled as: "4Minute Live Energy Vol.1 [Muzik』" After the day of the concert, we made a quick-interview of the members who are surprisingly, all 1990 babies.

Q: Almost a year passed, did anyone had any changes about themselves or has someone just seen some changes about their environment?

Ji: I think, each one of us, as well as the fans, helped each other to become better, and we're working harder to meet fans' expectations.
SoHyun: I, particularly, didn't have such changes, though I'm still hoping to improve more.

Q: Your performances are always powerful. Everyone are so attractive and sexy on stage, and personally, I think, your group was the First Asian performer whom I can compare to Destiny's Child. Are there any other female artists or celebrities you look up to?

Ji: I am very thankful to hear that. face_01.gif All of us feel the same way everytime we perform with various artists. Through watching a video and stage performance with a variety of artists, we try to learn something good from them. We also use our admired idols as our inspiration for setting a better goal in our career.

Q: You really love dancing and a lot of Japanese FanGirls try to imitate your dancing. Do you have any advice for them?

HyunA: You have to practice hard! (One of the members laughed) Yeah! We all have to practice hard all the time. But thanks to our fans who come to concert halls and event who bring their good luck signs. It gives us more confidence and strength to do better on our performances.

Gayoon: (nods) Practice hard. . . And sincerely enjoy dancing.

Q: Are you very careful with your fashion and makeup? Also, please tell me where you buy the best brand.

Ji: I think, I'd still prefer the natural make-up. That's my best feature. . . (laughed)

Q: It's cute!

Ji: Thank you! (laughed) Well. I think eye make-up makes a strong image of a woman. It can also show a sexy and smoky character. Well, my charm point is... (points to her nose) here? (One member laughed) Just kiddin' ! I actually don't know what my charm point is. face_05.gif

Gayoon: My concept every time I'm on stage is usually "cool and sexy" and a lot of people tell that to me. I think, it's mostly because of my make-up on my eye area. It's not only me, but all 4Minute members seems like have this image whether we're on or off stage. But sometimes, I would like to answer people that when I'm off stage, I'm really quiet. (laughs)

SoHyun: I think it's also the eye make-up. I radically change the other corner of my eye line. As the youngest of the members, I want to look dignified, yet powerful. Well, my charm point probably is my mature look. And on stage, we can be like rascals. (Laughs) Well, we can appeal just like that. face_04.gif

HyunA: The eye make-up is indeed very important. Everytime we do our make-up, we make it sure that it looks something special, but moreover, the overall look is still very important.

Q: What do you think about Japanese girls' fashion sense?

Gayoon: I usually wear shorts, and when I was walking on the streets when we were in Japan, I realized that Japanese fashion is very unique that it's actually like an epidemic that girls should follow.

Q: This is the last question, what music have you been listening lately? Would you like to recommend some of them? If you like a Japanese artist, then please tell me so.

Ji: Because of the events, as well as the concert that we had in the past, I got more interested on Japanese culture. I try watching some TV series, listen to some music, and through that, I could learn more new artists.

Gayoon: I would recommend MUZIK Japanese Ver. (One of the members laughed) We had a hard time recording it.

SoHyun: "The first thing I heard recently of" Muzik "the Japanese version? (Laughs one of the members)."

Q: Busy schedule! Thank you so much!


Tower Records
Translation + Reporting: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com

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