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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ray Magazine – Junsu “About Myself, Love & Music”

“About myself, love & music”
True feelings of a 23 year old – The Xiah Junsu from now onwards
“Wanting to be loved by everyone was the reason that supported me to go on”

1: The quality of a good man?
I believe…caring
2: If you were to compare yourself to an animal?
I want to be a tiger (embarrassed)

3: Your nickname as a child?
Chicken. When I say something, my head moves along too (laughs)
4: What thing do you think is the most unnecessary?
5: The country you want to go to now?
Tahiti’s Bora Bora Island
6: A part of yourself that you think is sexy?
My perky butt. In Korean, it would be said as a duck butt
7: The hairstyle you want to try out later on?
Although the amount of hair I have isn’t enough, a Reggae hairstyle
8: What do you do before going to bed?
Because I don’t drink alcohol, I just drink water
9: What do you wear to bed?
Only pants
10: Most favorite Japanese word?
Moving forward!
11: Which part of a woman would you take notice of when meeting them for the first time?
The feeling on the whole and how they make conversation
12: If you were to use flowers as an analogy for the type of woman you like?
Rose, the color definitely would have to be red!
13: When confessing to the woman you like, what line is a must-say?
It isn’t really something that has to be said… “Can you let me be your boyfriend?”
14: When do you want to get married?
30 years old, but I also want to get married earlier
15: If you were to be reincarnated, would you be a man or woman?
16: What kind of woman would you be if you became one?
It’d be rare… but I’d like to be an extremely gorgeous woman
17: When going on a date in summer, would you choose “mountain peak” or “sea-side”
18: In a love relationship, are you an “S” or an “M”?
I’m an S
19: What do you want to do with your girlfriend?
I want to go traveling and cook together. But, the thing I want most is a normal date like others
20: If your girlfriend wore something exposing on a date?
A little exposure doesn’t matter! But Korean guys don’t like too much of it
21: What actions of a woman attracts you?
Gently covering the area of their chests when bowing
22: Are you controlled in a relationship or are you the controller?
Normally I would like to try being controlled… but sometimes I want to be in control (laughs)
23: Frequently repeated song in your iPod?
“Phantom of the Opera”, because it appeared in the musical
24: Something that you cannot lose?
It’s still music!
25: What artist do you want to be?
An artist that can sing forever

t/n: S=Sadist, aggressive
M=Masochist, passive

Source: [xiahking]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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