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Monday, June 28, 2010

Yunho’s Letter to Fans in HTTG Fan Meeting 100626

T/N: Yunho read this letter to the fans in the first part of the fan meeting (on June 26), all in Japanese. A fan took the notes, so she is stating that this may not be 100% correct. But I myself have heard Yunho’s message in the same fan meeting, and find it just about the same as what I’ve heard.

I am happy that I can stand in front of all of you.
The offer for this drama came in the first days of last year.
At first, I was worried whether or not I can measure up to your expectations.
But all of your beliefs and long looks, for me making new challenges, have given me power.
I was conscious to be Bong Gun and act like him, so that I can get into the character.
When the shooting started, it was a very tough shot.
During the filming of the river, I drank so much water that it was painful, and it was also very cold.
I was able to see the surroundings by discussing and arguing together with the staffs, I could not have achieved just only with my own power.
How did you all feel, watching Bong Gun?
Since it was my first challenge, I am not 100% satisfied.
But through the role of Bong Gun, I think I was able to grow up.
As Bong Gun and Yunho, I have done my best, so I have no regrets.
Not only as an artist and actor, I would like to extend my activities so that I would be able to meet all of you many times.
I may be through many trials and tribulations in the future, and I may sometimes become depressed.
But, through this drama “Heading To The Ground”, and taking the advantage of my experiences, I would do my best, with strong and positive feelings.
The current Yunho is because of all of your supports.
Even during sad, happy, or difficult days, I think I will be able to do my best even more, thinking about all of your supports.
I am very grateful.
Please continue to support me in the future.
Source: In 東方神起 and eternity. ~toko? wanatebaku~
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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