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Monday, June 28, 2010

B-PASS Magazine August 2010 Issue – Thanksgiving Live in Dome

Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun held a total of 4 performances in 2 cities for the Dome concerts (5 & 6 June in Kyocera Dome / 12 & 13 June in Tokyo Dome). Of course, they performed their solo songs and also presented 4 highly anticipated new songs to everyone. Surrounded by the loud cheers, the 3 of them looked really happy. Their smiling faces; their first performance in Tokyo will all be shown to everyone!

Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun were about to stand on the stage of the Tokyo Dome. When they first heard the news, many fans were filled with complicated feelings of anticipation and unease. To the members, it’s the same as well.
The Tokyo Dome live this time, was a reunion for the 3 members, with the fans whom they have not met in so long and it can also be said that it’s their very first stage. However, watching the 3 of them sing their new song [いつだって君に/Itsudatte kimi ni] on the Tokyo Dome stage, one understood that all these worries were unnecessary. In short, the stage that night was an overwhelming stage.
A huge stage was constructed in the middle of the Tokyo Dome and from there extended 3 runway stages. The 3 of them ran along the runways towards the center-stage in a relaxed manner. On the screens, the 3 members’ expressions were full of confidence.
All 3 members said, “We’re really happy to be able to gather here with everyone.” Aside from the happiness from meeting everyone, it was also a happy thing to be able to show their own growth.
Jejung and Yuchun’s song [Shelter] and Junsu’s song [Beautiful Love~君がいれば~] pushed the atmosphere to its peak. In Yuchun’s solo [Tokyo Lovelight], one was able to see the familiar silhouettes of their dancers. For Yuchun and Jejung’s song [Been so long], VERBAL came onstage as a guest performer and showed us an extraordinary stage consisting of their rap and performance prowess.
During the MC segment, they proceeded to talk about their solo work. Yuchun, who is starring in the mobile drama [Beautiful Love~君がいれば~], even acted out some parts of the script. Yuchun, who turned red under the teasing from Junsu and Jejung, chose a 16 year old girl for his solo [My Girlfriend] and sang passionately to her as if she was his lover. His natural, model-like aura was displayed.
Jejung presented a very cool performance for his solo [MAZE]. To describe the exciting performance in one word, it was really cool. From dance to rock, it allowed one to see an increase in his skills.
Following that, under the encouragement of the members, Junsu, who has been called Asia’s Best Voice, performed [Xiahtic] and his new song [Intoxication]. With the dancers, he gave an elegant RnB performance and allowed one to really feel the charisma of Junsu, the artist. Junsu, who has started activities as a solo artist, makes one highly anticipate his future development in the music industry.
During the MC talk where the atmosphere was at its peak, the 3 members true thoughts could be easily seen on their faces. Yuchun looked as if he wanted to say, “Although there’s a lot I want to say, I don’t know where to start.” From the look in Jejung’s eyes, we saw, “Even though we know we will all be in tears in the end, what we should do is to let everyone enjoy themselves.”
The 3 of them seemed to be on this vein of thought – We can only repay everyone’s love through our music. This is also what the fans wish for.
After overcoming their immense troubles, now, what kind of music will the 3 bring us? I guess the answer could be seen in this time’s Tokyo Dome performance.
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