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Thursday, May 6, 2010

![News] SJ members feelings about 4th album and missing members


As all of you know, Super Junior will have their comeback soon and of course,they
are anxious about their 4th album. Not only Super Junior themselves, as an ELF, i do feel anxious and at the same time happy about their comeback.
Well, i believe you guys do feel the same way as i do right?

In the recent tweets and cyworld entries from some of the SJ members, they have revealed their true feelings about their 4th album and most importantly, the MISSING

Here are some of the things i complied from the recent tweets and so on...

► (because there are) everything that was there when we debuted, everything ... ? ..... everyone that paid attention to us ... ? ..... people !!!! ... our fans that recieve attentions from others ... and the existence of our dear members .. so there's (now) .. now i want to rewrite a new history .. we'll do it together right? ^^
- Eeteuk( twitter. 5th may )

► A day where I long for and miss everyone too much..
-Eeteuk (twitter. 4th may)

► Super Junior's returning with our 4th album.. .. In my eyes no matter how you look at it three places are empty right? ..We're working really hard!! Come quickly.. I miss you.. I miss..
-Eeteuk (twitter.5th may)

► Although we're separated in body [I] know we'll always be together. Even if [you] don't say I love you, [I] know that [you] do love. Even if [we] don't say we're one [I] know that we're one. 13
-Donghae (twitter.4th may)

Hankyung,Kangin,Kibum I love you^^
No matter what others say even if I've heard don't want to (won't) care about them .
13... & E.L.F
-Donghae(cyworld.5th may)

[Eunhyuk's cyworld entry]
This might even be something that no one cares about...or it might not be nothing...
Nevertheless at least the decision puts an end to our long agony.
We can't put all details and our true feelings in each news article.
But as expected there's a lot of talk going around.
It was all expected........
We can't just smile....but we believe it was the best choice.
And we don't ever stop....no..we can't stop.
For anyone who believe in us and waited for us...
For anyone who endured the tough times...
For anyone whose heart still hurts each time they look at this news article and pictures...
We can't stop......I'm going to engrave the word 'START' in my heart once again.

I mean, this is so touching right? Eunhyuk even knows how we fans feel.
Some fans might be saying that the sj members are so heartless and could not be bothered even with hankyung's temporary departure, kibum acting and kangin goin to army.

'We can't just smile....but we believe it was the best choice.'

This was very well said. It is only through smiling that they can continue to
stay strong. I know this is still a very sensitive topic because while I'm typing,
my heart aches for every letter typed. SO ELFs, lets stay strong alright?
This is also my first entry after half a year hiatus, so hope you guys comment!

Reported by Ting18♥ @ DKP
Credit: twitter and cyworld

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