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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

[News] SS501 Park Jung Min, 0 visitors humiliation end! … Full-fledged shopping mall

Male group SS501 member Park JungMin (23) has officially launched his genuine fashion shopping business.
For this shopping mall business, Park JungMin who has been preparing for a long time carried out his ‘Royal Avenue’ launching party on the 1st at Seoul Nonhyun-dong, which signified the beginning of his real serious fashion business.
‘Royal Avenue’ is a site where it targets the ladies as their main core of attention, catering to total care for women, as well as to provide a shopping mall for life styling.

They don’t just sell apparels, but also tickets to salons, items relating to fashion etc.
Park JungMin was selling boots on his shopping mall ‘Royal Straight Flush’ prior to this. SS501 member KimHyunJoong has disclosed on MBC ‘Golden Fishery’ — ‘Radio Star’ corner that “generally the number of visitors to Park JungMin’s shopping mall was 0″ such comments, which brought about a heated discussion to that site of his — which was ‘Royal Straight Flush’.
Park JungMin expressed back then, “through Radio Star I will let people know that I will be opening a new fashion site targeting towards females in a while’s time soon”, and ”I usually have a huge interest for fashion, I am currently in midst of preparing to fulfil my dream of a fashion business step by step”.
Park JungMin’s shopping mall is different from those other shopping malls where he is the businessman directly by himself, ending up playing the role of ‘Eolgul Madame’, his site is different like this. The representative is indeed ‘(co) Park JungMin’ ‘s Park JungMin ne. Park JungMin’s 10 friends or around have been running the business together with him. Currently, he’s recruiting a web designer on the go.
‘Royal Avenue’ is now managing an offline store apart from an online store. A part of Nonhyun-dong’s ‘Royal Avenue’ office has been exploited for the set up of offline store.
Park JungMin said, “If I open up an online market, it won’t be categoring to just Korea, but also asian-wide, I’m targeting my business towards the entire asian region. That is the charm of online markets”, as well as divulging his aspiration with “If I want to do well in my business, I have to expand my markets asian-wide”.

Credit: 슬픈꿈@SS601
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