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Monday, May 10, 2010

![News] Super Junior's Comeback, Ryeowook's first solo song

Super Junior's album will be filled with 11 songs that show off their charm and musical sensibility.

The first song, "Beauty" will complete the SJ Funky genre. The unique rhythm and witty lyrics will impress. Also Yesung and Kyuhyun's duet song "Someone Like Me" and Ryeowook's first solo song "Spring Day" are particularly eye-catching. "Someone Like Me" is a song about being unable to express one's heart to the person you love. The sad vocals of Yesung and Kyuhyun, who both possess much charm, are in perfect harmony. "Spring Day" is Ryeowook's first solo song, which combines warm melodies and Ryeowook's lyrical, outstanding beautiful voice. Also Super Junior is gathering attention through their version of Toy's classic song "Good Person", which they remade in their own style.

Other than the dark and powerful atmosphere, the album is filled with songs such as the hip hop song "Bad Woman" which shows off the intense group's sexy image, the sophisticated melody and dynamic vocals in the outstanding pop ballad "Love Like This", and the trendy medium tempo dance song "My Only Girl", etc.

Also the excitement is mounting over the production of two different jacket versions of the album. On the 13th, Super Junior's intense and classy image will be shown through Version A's Mod & Funk style. On the 20th, through the release of Version B, you'll be able to see backstage, sketches of the music video set, and the members' natural charms.

On the 10th, Super Junior's title song "Beauty" was released, and on the 14th, they will perform their Comeback Stage on KBS 2TV's Music Bank.
I can't wait for the MV to be released! Are you ready? It's super junior COMEBACK.

Original Source: Sports Choson.
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET
Posted by Ting18♥ @ DKP

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