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Thursday, April 29, 2010

!2AM's Changmin and 2PM's Junsu united for Jazz pianist Jin Bora.

Changmin and Junsu came to support MC Jin Bora as the guests of the Mnet show "The Pub" set to air on Wednesday. Changmin performed "I did wrong" accompanied by a piano giving the song a totally new feel. The audience fell for Changmin in suite, sitting and singing next to Jin Bora, who was playing the grand piano.


Changmin said that "Usually it's hard to match a song like "I did wrong" with the sound of piano, so I'm rather satisfied I was able to do that. It's always burdensome whenever we have to appear in such music programs, because we need to show different sides of us, but today it feels like we've succeeded."

Afterwards, once Jin Bora threw an unexpected question at him, asking "Can you do jazz?", he proceeded to sing the famous jazz song "Fly my to the Moon" initiating an instant jazz battle. The song he sang received hot applause from the audience.

Then it was 2PM Junsu's time to take over the baton and he addressed Jin Bora in casual speech saying "Bora and I are both 24 years old (Korean age), Changmin is one year older than us. Why don't we consider us friends" - and with that a subtle rivalry could be felt around Jin Bora.

With Jin Bora playing piano version of "Heartbeat" a true crossover decorated the stage.


The program is set to air on April 28th, 7.30pm.

Source: Memoria & Nate News
| Kor-Eng translations by Egle @2pmalways.com | coordinator: Cassina @2pmalways.com

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