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Thursday, April 29, 2010

!Jay Park to make his big return with new single, Demon!

New facts regarding Jay Park’s return have arrived, and it looks like he’s ready to bring back his fame again (not that he ever lost it…) by releasing a brand new single titled Demon!
As previously announced, Jay Park alongside his family members, production staff, and his fellow Art of Movement crew will be flying to Korea between May 31st to June 1st for filming Hype Nation. It has now been confirmed that Jay Park will also be releasing his very own single on July 10th, officially launching his activities as a singer. Yes, Jay Park is returning back on stage!
To double the excitement, Jay Park and other famous American artists including B2K will be opening up Hype Nation World Tour starting in  December. The team is scheduled to visit more than ten U.S. cities, plus several major cities in Asia.

All these projects were verified to be true by the executive producer of Hype Nation, Jason Lee. Through a personal interview held on the 26th, Jason Lee stated that three additional tracks will be revealed on top of Demon, as all four will be used as Hype Nation’s soundtrack.
According to Jason Lee, the song Demon was written by Theodore Riley, a prominent songwriter in the U.S. music market. One of the four songs will be titled Fame, which will feature Snoop Dogg. Singer Brandon and rapper T-Pain have also joined in this project, already gaining an immense anticipation by many fans around the world. In fact, they’ve even got their eyes on possibly making the Billboard charts, so this is no small production.
Jason Lee revealed, “While Teddy Riley was making Jaebeom’s song, he expressed his thrill by saying, ‘I feel just like how I felt when I was writing Dangerous for Michael Jackson.’ Jaebeom himself also showed his great satisfaction toward the production by saying that it has been the greatest time of his life.
Aside from all the Jay Park information, Jason Lee also gave a sneak peek of what to expect for the film Hype Nation. Directed by Ellen Kazarti, the winner of MTV Music Video Awards for directing Backstreet Boys and ‘N SYNC, the movie will be filmed in 3D, and is guaranteed to bring the audience the best audiovisual experience.
The story plot will focus around Gamblerz Crew fighting against an American team at the World Champion B-Boy Battle held in Korea. Elements of romance between the characters are expected to be included in the storyline as well.
With all this new hype heating up the entertainment world of both Korea & America, there is no doubt in the fact that Jay Park will make history in the music industry at home and abroad. Hype Nation is expected to have its theatrical release during the summer of 2011, so definitely mark the date in your calendar!

Source: Sports Khan

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