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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

!Staff Blog – What Are The Members Doing In Japan Now? 100419

Appeared on MEZAMSHI TV– Aiko’s “Wanting To See You”, and took pictures with his favorite pork chop lunch!

He is currently promoting for “Heading To The Ground”, accepting interviews from television shows and magazines
Yunho is pretty surprised that there are so many interviews, but he still politely answers to every one of their questions
There really is so much, one after the other
After a successful interview, Yunho would ask, “are we done? Okay, next one? Alright!” and quickly prepare for the next one
During the filming of the interviews, Yunho produced a variety of expressions
His hair-color is very shiny, which gives you a light and refreshing feeling
Although he finally finished his interviews, he still had plenty of promotion activities to do
He is also shooting for “Hanako” magazine! (“Hanako” is a Japanese food and lifestyle magazine)
From casual wear to very cool costumes
In the interview, he mentioned Bongoon, his character in the drama.
The staff remembered him filming the drama during his busy schedule last year
We were planning to take some behind-the-scenes photos, but Yunho saw our camera lens so he looked straight at us!
The last thing for today is an interview from “Bijin- Hyakka” magazine (“Bijin- Hyakka” is a women’s fashion magazine)
Yunho started eating strawberries while he was being interviewed
Today’s promotion is finished! Yunho, thank you for your hard work!
He’s shooting for magazines and promoting too. Because it’s by himself, he was a little nervous. But as XIAH JUNSU, he did put in his best effort!
He’s also happily savoring his Hitsumabushi snack~
He is currently shooting for “ELLEgirl”, and the staff all say that Changmin is so innocently adorable!
In response to this, Changmin replies with a “thank you~” and continues to shoot
During the interview, everyone was discussing his upcoming drama
Changmin said that he plans to learn a lot of languages and challenge himself to different countries’ acting and singing
To achieve his dream, he is working the best that he can
Please look forward to the magazine!
As there was another Japanese magazine shoot after this, during the breaks, Changmin would show the male staff the results of his workouts
It made everyone really excited! (laugh)
(t/n: the reason why this staff didn’t mention yoochun was probably because he’s filming in Korea right now… unless I’m mistaken)
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