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Monday, April 19, 2010

!What did Wonder Girls talk about today?

Wonder Girls who are now in Korea had their live chat session on UStream today, April 18th at 11.00 am KST. The girls started off the chat by introducing themselves and Yubin introduced Hye Rim since it was her first time attending the live chat with fans online.

There were some new and important information regarding their new mini album, MVs, the 20-city US tour venues and schedules and the Sony Ericsson promotional events. Wonder Girls also mentioned that they will be in Taiwan on the 21st of April to meet their fans and at the same time enjoying some local delicacies and sceneries there. During the chat, the girls talk about matters such as favorite colors, favorite artists, favorite season of the year and answered some questions from the fans.

On the release of their new mini album, Wonder Girls emphasized a few times during the chat that it will take place on 15th May, 2010 at 7 pm (Pacific Time). The launching will be streamed live and there will have Chinese subtitles as well. There will be special guests attending the launching. However, for the time being, the list of special guests are kept confidential. During the launch, Wonder Girls will perform three songs live. Yenny also mentioned that the mini album will contain about 8 songs.

Besides the launching of the new mini album, the girls talk about the shooting of their latest MV which was recorded in three languages – Korean, Chinese and English. In the MV, fans will get to see JY Park speaking in the three different languages mentioned. According to them, the MV will feature something new about them and showcase the sexy and cute sides of Wonder Girls. The girls were cheerful throughout the chat and they are happy that they get to meet their families everyday while in Korea shooting their new MV and recording the new mini album.

Wonder Girls who were in China and recently in Singapore for the Sony Ericsson promotional events confirmed that they will be flying to Indonesia soon to promote Sony Ericsson as well. Sony Ericsson will be having a dance contest soon and those who are interested can submit their dance videos, which will be vet through by Wonder Girls themselves. The winner of the contests will have a chance to meet the Wonder Girls and the girls assured that it will be a very special meeting. So, get your cams ready!

With all the details and information as disclosed by Wonder Girls during the live chat session today, We are pretty sure that WonderFuls are getting more excited about the mini album, their new MV as well as their US tour which will be kicking off in June.


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