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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

!Seungri, "I got $200 a month as part of a shopping mall dance team" [NEWS]

Part 1 of 10 of the interview series by Asiae.kr:

“Daesung and Taeyang are trees with thick roots that will grow well if you water them at the right times, and TOP’s a tree that may seem slightly weird at first but still looks great the way it is.

Jiyong’s a little too fancy of a tree but if you straighten it up once in a while, it will grow splendidly.

Seungri has too many useless twigs. There always has to be a gardener standing next to you. If we don’t consistently lop off all your twigs, noone knows where you’ll go next.”

The youngest member of Big Bang, Seungri (21, Real name: Lee Seung Hyun) has many talents and abilities. Even amongst all the older members with their prominent skills, he never falls back or fails to show his own individual charm.

Seungri was able to shine not only as part of the group but also on a solo stage without the older members, and moved many hearts with his performances in musicals with his outstanding portrayal of emotions.

We wonder how it went going from ‘Gwangju’s Dancer Boy’ to a versatile entertainer, now one of Korea’s finest idol singers as well as a musical performer.

Though it seems like the process would’ve been unbearably difficult at such a young age, Seungri just says ‘It was fun’. This shining 21 year old young man has told us about his dreams, love and hardships.

”When I was young, my dream was to become a comedian. Cos it felt good when people laughed because of me. I would make little skits with my friends and show people. Rather than thinking ‘I wanna be a celebrity’, I thought more along the lines of ‘I want people to be cheerful because of me’”

The young Seungri liked standing before others. This aspect of his personality was heavily influenced by his father. A former golf coach, his open and energetic father became his role model in life.

”My father and I have been like friends since I was young. In middle school, there was this time when some of my seniors were harassing me. Since I dance, they thought I was a bit of a so-called ‘rebel’ and pushed me around a lot. I told my father and the next day he went to school and solved the problem just like that. Dad’s voice is really loud thanks to all his abdominal breathing practices, you see. (laughs)”

Even in middle school when he first became interested in dance, his father was an avid supporter.

”At the opening of this festival, the dance teams on stage were just so amazing. I fell for dancing right that second. I gathered my parents and said ‘I’ve come to like dancing’. My parents said ‘Good, we’re happy you’ve found something you like. Take it up if you want to.’ and supported my dancing in every way.”

Seungri was pumped up by the approval from his parents and created an amateur dance team. Him and a bunch of boys 3 to 4 years older than him made up the team ‘Episode 1’ [‘Ilhwa’] and just started dancing with no definite plans.

”We named ourselves ’Episode 1’ to mean noone knew of us yet. Now that I think about it, it was kinda childish. But we choreographed our own moves for the first time in our lives, came first just like that at Jeolla Namdo JangSeong’s ‘Hong Gil Dong Festival’, and won $500 prize money. (laughs) It really boosted our confidence. We promised each other to keep trying harder, and made a contract with a shopping mall in downtown Gwangju and went from there.”

Though they were only given $200 a month, they were very popular. They had a fan club and were hugely popular amongst the female middle/high school student population of downtown Gwangju.

”We had some ‘doll-faces’ in the team, so we were pretty popular. (laughs) We were sought after for things like school festivals and town events. Sometimes we even earned up to $200 each in a month. It was a huge amount of money for us at a young age. We borrowed a hall with that money and even held a concert and stuff. After getting well known in Gwangju, one casting manager person contacted me asking if ‘How would you like to consider becoming a celebrity?’. I was young so I wondered ‘Am I actually becoming a celebrity now?’.”

Source : Original article + translated by sjay.x@bigbangvip.net

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